Meet Jacqueline Pappillion: An Actress, Influencer, Cosmetics, And Fashion Model


Growing up in Houston, Texas, Jacquelline is the eldest of three girls from a middle-class family. Aiming to inspire people through modeling products encouraged her to kick start her career in modeling. Jacqueline Pappillion is a fashion model passionate about influencing other individuals through her acting and modeling experience.

Being a brand ambassador, Jacqueline receives products from multiple companies to promote; she certainly has a way of glorifying their business. After getting some modeling experience, Jacqueline launched her own brand IAMJACQUELINEPAPPILLION. She participated in Miss Fashion Global and was lucky to be one of the finalists in her category.

Apart from modeling, Jacqueline manages and successfully runs her business of making empowerment candles and clothing to uplift other people. She has always believed in herself and also in the fact that it’s never too late to start something new. Jacqueline is also a firm believer that people should keep chasing their goals and dreams until they achieve them.

Since childhood, Jacqueline has been fond of dancing, theater arts, and photography. She has been blessed with the god-gifted quality of seeing people with a profound aesthetic sense and appreciating their inner creativity. Moreover, Jacqueline loves to visualize creation from different perspectives, because of her profession and due to her creative mindfulness. She wants the human form to be visually aesthetic, whether for acting, dancing, or modeling in front of or behind the camera.

Modeling the products is also a way for Jacqueline to show her inner creativity. By making hand-poured candles, she conveys that other people can also live and accomplish their dreams. It not only uplifts others but emerges as a ray of light that represents hope. So, Jacqueline pulled out all the stops and eventually created her successful brand.

Meanwhile, she got the opportunity to succeed by obtaining a few sponsors. With some changes in modeling dynamics, Jacqueline decided to create her presence online.

Jacqueline has an entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, she loves to watch high-end fashion shows, with America’s Next Top Model being one of her favorites. Her enthusiasm is eminent, from overcoming a middle-class family to the desire to make her brand international. Today, IAMJACQUELINEPAPPILLION continues to make waves of inspiration that are bound to have a ripple effect on anyone who dreams.