Meditating on the Idea of Death: What Motivated Travel Content Creator Jaro Cabla to Pursue His Dreams

Travelling is therapy, but sometimes it can be a life-altering experience. This adage is probably true for Jaro Cabla, a globetrotting content creator and digital nomad who has explored more than 30 countries worldwide. With more than 2.6 million followers on social media platforms, Jaro is among the most sought-after travellers today. However, there’s a lot more to him that makes him an inspiration for the masses. 

Jaro’s story is quite motivating – it starts with his desire to travel the world and explore different cultures but eventually evolves into something more profound. He has been through the darkest times of his life, facing several near-death experiences, which resulted in him meditating on death and what it means to live a full life. This experience was the catalyst Jaro needed to start pursuing his dreams, no matter how arduous the journey would be. 


Born in the Czech Republic, Jaro’s passion for travelling took him across the globe. He has always been passionate about exploring different cultures, bridging the gap between communities, and learning about new experiences. During his travels, he created a lot of short-form content that resonated with many people – especially millennials – who were struggling to find their purpose in life. 

Two years ago, Jaro’s journey took an intense and unexpected turn when he found himself between life and death. At the time, he was in Vanuabalavu, Fiji when YASA, a Category 5 cyclone hit. His boat sank in the middle of the storm, putting him and his crew in a highly precarious position. It was his first close call, which he also documented in a brief documentary. 

Although that event profoundly shook him, it wasn’t his only life-threatening encounter. A few months ago, he had another narrow escape when he attempted to get his skydiving A license. During his first tandem jump, his main parachute failed, making him fall at a speed of 130 mph. Fortunately, his instructor could deploy an emergency parachute just in time to save him. “Coming down at a rapid pace, the feeling of death lingered on me in that quick moment,” Jaro recalled. “Luckily, the second chute had worked out, and we landed safely, although it could have ended very differently,” he added. 

After these two experiences, Jaro truly began to meditate on the idea of death. He realized how precious life is and could no longer waste it pursuing anything less than his dreams. 


Since then, Jaro has become a digital nomad and travel content creator, documenting his travels and igniting conversation on social media. He hopes to encourage others to pursue their passions and become the best versions of themselves. 

Jaro’s story deserves to be heard and shared, so follow him on Instagram and TikTok to learn more about him, or visit Travel With Jaro to collaborate with him and join him on his journey.