Lisa Hocker: The Author Of Direct AF Sales

Before becoming a published author, Lisa Hocker was practicing law as a public defender and private criminal defense attorney. After working as a lawyer for nearly two decades, Lisa got inspired by the domain of network marketing. At first, she felt it was a scam, but she soon realized that it is a good source to earn primary income.  

Initially, Lisa started working in multilevel marketing as a side business since she worked full time as a lawyer. As a result, she could only perform those actions that would eventually enable someone to either purchase her product or join her team. While Lisa refined her daily methods of operation, she became known as “one of the top recruiters” and as someone who “sold the an enormous amount of products”. Her efficient working system spread by word of mouth, and people became curious about what she was doing. Taking advantage of this interest level, Lisa began training people on her team as well as those who were on sideline teams. Eventually, Lisa recognized the urgent need to make entrepreneurs familiar with the simple and efficient methods of growing a business and started writing a book with her tips and techniques. 


In 2021, Lisa successfully published her book, “Direct AF Sales”, which soon became a bestseller on Amazon. The book specifically aims to help those struggling with network marketing. As Lisa quotes, “I want you to know that I understand how hard it can be to start your journey into this incredible and challenging world of sales. The system I will teach you in Direct AF Sales is my way to guide you on your path to increasing your efficiency, productivity, and growth.” With personal stories and real life lessons, Lisa’s book acts as a mentoring tool for many young entrepreneurs. The daily system she provides helps eliminate stress and guesswork from direct sales business

For people who are not a big fan of reading, Lisa created an innovative item known as “Sales Dice”. Despite looking like a common dice, it contains some special features. It provides an automatic system where users will develop a habit to focus on tasks that lead to success

without making it feel like a chore. 

Lisa’s work provides a strategic approach to network marketing. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Lisa continues to build her business to enable more users to adopt a simple and efficient operational strategy!