Launching A Product During A Pandemic: Insights From Fay Afghahi, Founder Of Kerahealth

KeraHealth is a beauty company that specializes in hair care products for both men and women. Apart from being the brainchild of Inspiring entrepreneur, Fay Afghahi, KeraHealth is also the pioneer of modern innovations in the beauty sector.

Recently I spoke with Fay concerning the topic of launching a product (Follicle Hero) during a pandemic; issues faced, how marketing was done, and other technicalities. You will surely find this insightful.

Why Launch A Product During This Difficult Period?

Launching follicle Hero during the pandemic was not a decision that Kerahealth had consciously made, it just became a reality. The launch date was already fixed and so were commitments with online retailers and also their community. Everything had been set in stone. As is the practice with businesses globally, they had to keep working at their best level as much as they could and also in the most responsible manner obtainable in order to keep the staff, business and also the customers that they serve happy. 


KeraHealth is an Ecommerce business. Clients purchase online so they are not exposed to the same level of risk as is present while shopping physically in a store. The situation at the moment is indeed challenging and unnerving for people all around the world. At KeraHealth they try to act as a source of distraction for their community and also offer educational tips alongside advice on hair health and general wellness. 

Marketing Strategies Applied

Being an eCommerce venture, KeraHealth has continued with the same digital marketing tools as they did before the pandemic. 

Their motto Beauty through Wellness is a major driver. In a time where people are striving to maintain the highest levels of health possible, they communicate and inform them about the wellness benefits that reside within their products. They have noticed that emails that are sent as part of email campaigns have higher open rates and this indicates that people are staying online more and have more time to read through things. They are capitalizing on this by providing their community with informative and hopefully, useful content.  

Does Customer Loyalty Affect Sales?

KeraHealth Hair (the nutraceutical supplement) has a very solid clientele base and most of these clients purchase under a standing monthly subscription plan whilst a good number of those that don’t see repeat purchase clients. Their existing crop of clients knows them, their products, and their level of professionalism. New products are subjected to clinical trials and no gimmicks. The clients know this so they have been extremely receptive to Follicle Hero. Also, brand awareness plays a vital role especially with future clients who have heard about them, but not moved on to the purchasing stage. 

Shipping And Logistics

This issue was a major one and it caused serious concerns. This was because they were scared of not being able to fulfill the orders made by clients. However, they were in luck as both the US and UK logistics centers that they use managed to proceed with operations.  


Consumer Demographics 

The main target customers remain very much the same, however, due to the launch of Follicle Hero, they have been able to add a slightly younger audience to the target demographic and also include people who are not keen on the idea of supplements intake, pregnant women or nursing mothers and also men and women who are under medication so they prefer not to take any supplements.