Kendall Freeman Is Inspiring People through Her Recovery from an Eating Disorder

Kendall Freeman, a micro-influencer on Instagram, promotes the niche of living a fun life after battling an eating disorder. Her content is full of useful information about recovery and a healthy relationship with food paired with a bit of fun, so the audience doesn’t get bored. As a full-time accounting student and part-time influencer, she is trying hard to spread awareness regarding eating disorders. Even though she is obtaining a prestigious degree, she is making an effort to instead make her content creation a full-time job.


Initially, Kendall started her lifestyle account to find motivation for herself from other creators. She suffered from eating disorders for a number of years, and while she successfully has battled that, her struggle and journey is inspiring her followers. She now makes numerous efforts to utilize her passion, and help out people who need it.

Using her social media, Kendall dedicates her passion to help others, and the positive response she gets from her followers adds to her happiness. She always stays true to them, from messy rooms to dark days. Her vulnerability is what made people fall in love with her content.

Similarly, Kendall wants to be a similar source of inspiration for people that other’s were for her. She’s recently launched a podcast through which she wants to reach out to her audience and tell them how to do what’s been for you in your body in a diet plagued world. Through her optimistic content, Kendal Freeman is slowly but surely helping people have a healthier frame of mind towards life.


Kendall considers herself a pop-culture enthusiast who wants people to heal their relationship with food and their body. Being a fan of Harry Styles, she remembers how listening to “Sign of The Times” helped her through some of her darkest days. She hopes that her content can do the same for others.