It’s A Real Estate Decade for Agents: How to Make the Most Out of It

As the new decade unfolds, new opportunities and challenges await the real estate industry. Just like in other industries, client experience will be vital. A well-executed client experience strategy will create business value, increase client satisfaction and send your revenue soaring to new heights.

“Making the client experience is our top priority,” Dave Panozzo emphasized. This has been the
mantra that drives him to offer the best client experience possible to real estate buyers. His client-first mindset has brought good results to his team, The Panozzo Team continues to serve hundreds of Arizona residences annually , earning citations at HomeSmart, the number one brokerage firm in the Metropolitan Phoenix market . His journey to success was not easy to accomplish, Panozzo was former military personnel in the United States Army where he was stationed in Germany and met his wife who was also stationed there, he left the service in 1991 to pursue a career in sales. He started his career in sales in the automobile industry wherein he was a Sales Manager for 13 years. He encountered many ups and downs
along the way, experimenting with many industries while starting a family. “I failed in multiple businesses,” he narrated as he recalls the failures that he encountered until finally, he found something that he is great at doing – real estate.

It is important to focus on creating positive client experience since more than ever, the customer matters. The recent advancement in technology has given customers power. They have more options than ever and more power to influence your business through the use of social media.

“Many years of experience in purchasing auction properties and completing construction projects has taught me to bring buying/selling experience to the client,” he explained. After many years of purchasing auction properties and completing construction projects around the
valley, Panozzo is always left with a positive review . One satisfied client can build a positive business image and it can also lead to additional revenue. Clients are the best marketing tool you could ever have free of charge. They can grow your brand awareness because they can
share their experiences with friends and family. Positive customer reviews will help your business to increase revenue and earn new clients. Many treat clients like just another number but always remember clients are individuals who love to receive a service tailored to their needs. They want to be acknowledged as unique individuals. The Panozzo Team celebrate their customers individuality during their grand annual client party, which also gives them more opportunities to expand their network.

Expanding Your Network

As a real estate agent, expanding your “sphere of influence” is vital to growing your business. Don’t overlook buyers, sellers, appraisers, brokers, and vendors. The word of mouth marketing is still an effective way to promote your brand. Find opportunities to meet buyers and other
agents. Always keep in constant communication from time to time with your contacts and prospects. Try to maintain and strengthen the relationship with contacts. Have coffee or a drink with them often.

Remember that people trust recommendations from friends and family. One recommendation can have a far greater impact , especially in this age of social media. If you have shown truly great customer experience, it should be effortless to gather many video testimonials of happy
clients. When posting on social media, your gleaming reviews will set you apart from the crowd, as did The Panozzo Team. This could open new business opportunities.

Start generating leads through family members, relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors, and even acquaintances. Put all their names and contact information in one place such as in a spreadsheet or through a mobile phone app. The Panozzo’s have expanded their network by
using social media as a tool to market themselves as a brand that is recognized for their trustworthiness, relatability, and professionalism.

Project a Professional Image

In the digital age, it is important to maintain a professional presence online and on social media. But it is important to note that anything you put on the Web can easily be accessed by potential clients , thus, it is vital to project a professional image, as a real estate agent. Websites and social networking sites can help you get a foothold with today’s buyers and sellers. Positioning
oneself as an industry expert can, in turn, attract new clients. Always be mindful of content posted on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Posting useful information about the real estate industry can generate more followers. It can also stir the interest and engagement among the members of one’s social community. The Panozzo Team serves as a great example of how you can project a professional image online and on social media, while also highlighting your individuality, as a personal brand.

Moreover, social media can expand one’s network by reaching out to old contacts , getting referrals, and finding potential clients . Social media ha s eliminated geographical barriers and allowed agents to reach any potential client anywhere, anytime in just one click. You should make it as easy as possible for someone to search a hashtag or keyword and find your content.
Your content should then draw their attention enough to give you a follow and allow you the opportunity to connect. Not only could you potentially earn up with over thirty thousand followers on Instagram, like The Panozzo Team, but you may also have that many more opportunities to
capture a lead.

In a Nutshell

Working as a real estate agent has many challenges. An agent only gets paid when he/she made the sale, must work long hours to get that paycheck, and must adapt to the changing market conditions. It is challenging but it is also a rewarding and exciting career. Traversing the new decade will be full of challenges ahead but the new decade also offers many new opportunities. But Panozzo confidently exclaimed, “I know there will be a lot of failures, but I know I can handle it.” This should also be the mindset of real estate agents ready for the new decade.