Influencer and Content Creator Hussen Shambesh on Luxury Travel and Photograph

Lifestyle and travel are two of the biggest niches in the world of social media and content creation. This is partly owed to the availability of resources for people to engage and interact online and a fast-growing culture of recessional frugality where traveling is seen as a privilege limited to a small faction of society. It makes sense, then, that more and more content creators are now moving toward travel vlogging. In the case of influencer Hussen Shambesh, traveling is simply not just a means of earning but a passion which he turned into a profession with extensive planning and timely execution. 

Originally an IT consultant, Shambesh has worked with some of the biggest names in the software engineering space. However, he always knew his real passion was traveling, adventure, and photography. He worked hard until he had enough money to start spending time on things he enjoyed and considered a hobby. Over time, he realized his dream of becoming a travel vlogger, influencer, and freelance photographer.

Shambesh’s content is entertaining, refreshing, and an exhaustive guide to luxury travel. He recommends that those interested in luxury travel indulge in meticulously researching, planning, and budgeting for a more wholesome experience. For starters, researching includes the region that one is interested in visiting. Even within the same country, there can be a variety of cultural and geographical options. The choice will have to include the primary purpose of traveling and travel preferences, all in line with the budgetary range. 

To Shambesh, research usually entails identifying feasible and monetarily efficient times of the year as well as the uniqueness of the place. Once that is done, one should move on to planning the itinerary. Keeping the plan somewhat flexible and tentative but not too open to changes is essential. A detailed itinerary would help organize the trip, save time, and eventually aid in the effective budgeting for the trip.

Budgeting is equally essential, if not more so while managing a luxury trip. Shambesh believes that luxury does not necessarily mean expensive goods, and smart travelers know this. It is easy to opt for the first option, but in his experience, one can almost always find a better option for lesser money. It includes everything, from food to accommodation and even air travel. For instance, airfare during the off-season is half the usual price for the economy and even lesser for business and first class. 

Shambesh eventually wants to travel the whole world and get sponsored by high-end luxury travel agencies. He also wants to promote his drone photography further and make a proper career out of it. His work, commented one user, is different from many photographers today. His framing always perfectly complements the scene’s mood and sets him apart from the influx of online photographers.

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