In A league of Their Own: Ruben O’Brien and Oliver Maloney’s Vanquish Fitness

Vanquishing the same old is Ruben and Oliver’s dream come true success story.

The fitness industry grew massively with 2019’s global industry revenue at $94 Billion. Sportswear, Gym-wear also contributes a lot to the growth of the sector and the demand for good comfortable sportswear is huge. Designing innovative, stylish yet comfortable clothing for athletes is a relatively new company named VANQUISH. It is a London based sporting apparel company which also provided street clothing as a choice in garments. Vanquish was established by two young entrepreneurs, Ruben O’Brien and Oliver Maloney, aged 22 and 23 respectively.

The young lads hailing from north London England, aimed to create new and unique apparel for the athletes, gym-goers, and notching up the style quotient, Ruben and Oliver started the now leading sportswear company. They dreamed about succeeding in this industry when they were studying their bachelors. Ruben, born in July of 1992, did BSc in Computer Science and Oliver, born in 1991 September, did a BA in Business Management. After graduating, both utilized their student loans to fulfill their dream and worked relentlessly hard, round the clock, to make it a reality. In 2015, inspired by functional designs and streetwear trends, they started Vanquish, manufacturing gym apparel in the beginning. It is well known that British brands always add a touch of class in their products, so Ruben and Oliver knew they had to get something unique in store so as to attract the consumer.

They made clothes that catered to the gym and street look, injecting fresh colours, nuanced innovative designs and comfort were given the preference. They started making eco-friendly products for athletes who practice at high levels, people doing Yoga, Zumba and other such exercises.

Vanquish’s popularity grew in recent years because of its diverse products, fresh colours, extreme comfort and stupendous quality. All of this, in addition to being cost-effective, the products are available at a fair price and its quality is in the league of giants like Adidas, Nike and various other top brands.

Ruben and Oliver have marketed their product very well and have signed up big name players from the sporting world to endorse their product globally. In just five years, the Vanquish community has grown impeccably, creating the latest trends in the market, worldwide. They’ve developed products in streetwear and have influenced sports persons to don the bright colours and get more comfort in their sporting wear. Big companies always lookout for top quality apparels for their sports teams, and Vanquish has attracted a lot of clubs and organizations to wear their apparel for their teams.

Ruben and Oliver possess great business knowledge and never give up in the face of adversity. Global exhibitions were held in UK, France, Germany and USA and both the successful north Londoners were invited. They received a massive response from the crowds at every exhibition.

Ruben and Oliver have catapulted Vanquish to be one of the leading clothing brands in the market, which was dominated by giants like Adidas and Nike.

It is a testimony to their success and creates a league of their own.