Iman Taheri – Teaching the Companies to Prefer Team Cohesion over Turnover

Do you know how the best businesses retain top talent, ensure long-term success, and master efficiency? Through effective team cohesion!

Empirical evidence shows that group cohesion is a positive predictor of team and organizational performance. Several critical reviews such as Mullen & Copper have revealed a positive relationship between group cohesion and performance.

Organizational scientists often focus on team cohesion within the workplace. And we all know that team cohesion doesn’t always happen right away. It’s the result of determined actions taken by managers to facilitate effective group dynamics. 

Dr. Iman Taheri is a staunch believer in group cohesion. He consults with individuals, companies, and enterprises on the critical intersection of health and performance, helping companies to reduce turnover, increase innovation and output, create a more cohesive sense of team, which is sure to promote an environment of unity, creativity, and increased profitability. 

Dr. Iman was born and raised in Iran and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the best medical school as the youngest general surgeon in 2014 and has practiced in different fields of medicine globally from volunteering in a drug war zone in the Middle East as a trauma surgeon to cosmetic surgery in Dubai.

Besides, Dr. Taheri works with business leaders, executive teams, and companies as a chief strategist and assesses fractures in the workplace, re-imaging workplace strategies to position the companies ahead of competitors.

While most entrepreneurs do not realize it, moving forward as a company requires strong team cohesion that inspires individuals to become collaborators. According to Dr. Iman, cohesiveness is the best way to ensure that all of your employees’ talents are maximized while also building employee engagement and satisfaction. And when happier customers and increased revenue are on the line, there’s no reason not to get started.

Dr. Iman believes that hiring the best talent for your business is a must for long-term success. But if you want to become the best, you need to turn these individuals into a group that truly works together and builds a cohesive team.

After working with a lot of companies, Dr. Iman observed a recurring pattern that led him to the conclusion that team cohesion is the key to the efficiency of almost every successful business. Not only does he follow this observation in his profession, but also guides and counsels entrepreneurs and companies

regarding the unique aspects of team cohesion, how it affects a company’s efficiency, and also how it can lead to increased revenue and help you beat your competition.