Hunter Ballew – Serving Others Serves You

Hunter Ballew is an entrepreneur with a pretty unique mindset, one that you won’t come upon often. He does everything in his capacity to help those around him, just as much as he tries to helps himself. He knows the value of being a pillar in the community and being the guy people can turn to, to turn their business around. There is infinite success to be had in the modern business world for those that simply go out and get it, it is just that some people need a small nudge. This article explains how serving others in the community, and the greater world, can ultimately also serve yourself. 


Serving others makes you feel good:

Doing what you can to help others in the community makes you feel good. It feels nice to do nice things for people. Its why people do charity work, its why people give directions on the street when asked, and it is why you should aim to do as much for other people as you can. By serving other people’s needs, you can improve your own happiness and self-confidence. Being a happy and confident person is beneficial in your everyday life, of course, but also in business. People want to spend time with positive individuals, people who are happy and confident. This applies in all walks of life, from dating to business. By improving your own happiness and confidence you can open endless doors for yourself.

Helping other people makes you feel good, but it makes them feel just as good. By serving other people and making them feel good, they are more likely to build a positive relationship with you. You never know whos help, whose advice, or whos support you might need in the business world. This is the selfish benefit of being selfless. People do not get into business to make friends, but they should. Being a ruthless businessman will only get you so far, being a supportive, caring, member of the community will get you so much farther.

What goes around comes around:

Call it karma if you will, but you don’t need to belive in cosmic forces to understand that what goes around comes around. “Do to others what you would h ave them do to you” is one of the biggest teachings of the bible, though you do not need to be religious to appreciate its importance. Do your best to better others, and they will do their best to better you. Grow together as a community, not just as an individual.


One more word:

If you pay attention to this advice and do your best to apply it to your everyday life, you will notice almost immediate improvements. Being as selfless as you can bring on endless selfish benefits. This doesn’t make doing a good thing, for selfless reasons, bad. It just means you are aware of what you too will gain from the exchange. The reason for doing good changes from person to person, but a good deed is a good deed regardless of the reason behind it.