HR Influencer Eric Torigian On Why Strong Leadership and Transparency Is the Solution to the Problems Faced In Human Resources

As the buzz in today’s corporate world grows, human resources is gaining focus, momentum, and importance. In the past, organizations have focused on more enormous challenges like revenue, competition, and economic instability. Finally, the aspect of HR made its significance seem unavoidable.

 With changing business models and the industry, HR has now become the prime focus for most organizations, small or large, because people are the most critical asset of an organization and have the power to influence its growth and success substantially. Supporting this revolution, HR influencer and top advisor Eric Torigian has emphasized the importance of transparency in leadership.


Transparency in leadership means keeping employees in the loop, sharing the good and the bad, and welcoming honest feedback from team members. Eric, the founder of CHRO Solutions and a leading HR influencer, believes there should be no unpleasant surprises or concerns around uncertainty. He feels solid and transparent leaders strive to practice what they preach, set crystal-clear expectations, and communicate effectively with every member of their teams.

For Eric, the need for strong leadership is the solution to the problems that HR is facing

today. Why? Leadership sets the vision for the future, sets the direction, helps people understand what they’re being asked to do, explains how those actions fit into the bigger vision and drives the bottom line. Not only does leadership set the vision, but they also have to be transparent about what it’s going to take to achieve the goals. 

Moreover, he is also very active in the Founders Institute Accelerator, where he mentors founders and leaders of startups on HR, organization design, and other business administration topics. Mr. Eric serves on the Executive Council Network as a founding member of two advisory boards and is a frequent keynote presenter on HR leadership topics.

No matter the situation or role, Eric has never wavered from his ultimate goal – growing as a senior HR professional in a leadership role and developing into a people professional he can be very proud of. He wants to give others the benefits of his battle-won skills and victories. Over the past several years, he has helped countless people become focused, identify their passions, and empower them with the skills and courage to go out there and grab it.


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