How You Too Can Position Yourself for Your Winning Streak During 2021 with Natalie Taylor

2020 has certainly brought with it many unexpected and never before seen challenges, and unfortunately its looking like 2021 is set to be the same.  Yet this year many entrepreneurs and businesses though have achieved their most successful year ever and set to do the same the coming year. One such individual is Natalie Taylor.

Natalie is a transformation coach, human capital development strategist, and a business development consultant, who specialises in guiding individuals through unlocking their abilities to reach their optimal performance and full potential. Prior to completing her MBA and a rewarding career as a marketing and business development strategist, Natalie had already earned her stripes as a financial consultant on Wall Street. Starting off by working with Credit Suisse, she later joined Ernst and Young as a public auditor, and worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Leman Brothers, and National Australia Bank to name a few.


When she saw the opportunity to help more people using the strategies she had learned over the years, she created Win Win Networks to extend her services as a coach to others. Achieving tremendous success for both individuals and companies looking to improve all areas in their lives, her signature coaching system, ‘Life Architect Complete’, sets itself apart in the realm of performance coaching by helping achievers, business owners, authors, thought leaders, and fellow coaches unlock their fullest potential. 

Here, Natalie outlines the 3 most important ways to achieve the same, and position yourself into a winning streak during 2021. 

Have a plan. 

It’s one thing to have your goals written down, but it’s a whole other level to have in place an actionable plan towards achieving them.  As well as setting your business goals, set goals for the other areas in your life; your personal needs, financial needs, personal growth and self-care needs. 

To create a wholistic strategic plan on achieving these goals, first break them down into smaller goals leading up to your big goal. Then use these mini goals to create a plan with actionable steps to get you to the first actionable goal. Then from there, work on getting yourself to the next actionable goal and the one after that, until you reach the larger finish line goal you initially set for yourself.


Become adaptable.

You’ve probably heard this one before, and for good reason. You need to be adaptable to change. Having an attitude and overall plan that embraces agility prepares you to pivot whether things are going better/faster than planned, or worse/slower than expected. 

Accept the things you cannot control.

Acceptance of the things beyond your control is probably the hardest pill to swallow. But once you do, you will be amazed how your outlook will change for the better. Start accepting that just like 2020, 2021 is a part of your amazing journey to achieving long-term success, and focus instead on creating solid fundamental strategies. 

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