How Vishal Jain Broke A Stereotype and Became One Of The Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs In India

In today’s world, it is a common belief that education plays a key role in determining the success or failure of a person. People tend to believe that it’s impossible for someone to become successful without getting a college degree. Individuals need to get years’ worth of education if they want to pursue their passion and achieve success. However, a 23 years old entrepreneur from India, Vishal Jain, has proved this wrong.

Vishal is the founder of Sunshy Group of Companies, a group that owns 5 companies – all founded and owned by the young entrepreneur himself. 

So how did he do it? Well, that’s quite interesting. Contrary to the popular belief that a college degree is necessary in order to be successful in today’s world, Vishal did not pursue education after high school. He dropped out of college 4 years ago. 

When asked, why did he drop out of college, Vishal said, “I was always interested in starting my own business and I knew I didn’t need a degree for that. However, my parents wouldn’t agree so I got into a college somehow – but I couldn’t complete it. I always felt like I’m wasting my time and then one day, I just couldn’t do it anymore. So I dropped out, and the rest is history”.

After dropping out, Vishal wanted to immediately start his own business but couldn’t do so due to lack of funds. Hence, he looked for ways to earn money online and came across Fiverr, a platform where people provide freelance services and signed up as a Virtual Assistant there.

Initially, Vishal had to work 20 hrs a day to earn a meagre amount. He took up odd jobs such as data entry, data research, transcribing and being an hourly virtual assistant. After a few months, he noticed that there is a lot of demand for social media marketing and graphic designing – so he decided to go for that. 

Vishal realised he has the talent but needs to polish his skills so he spent day and night going through Youtube videos and articles on Quora to learn more about digital marketing. Soon, he became a digital marketer and earned $150K in just one year!

It was from Fiverr and other freelancing platforms that Vishal started his digital marketing career and became a successful digital marketer in a short span of time. Soon, he started his own marketing agency, known as Sunshy Digital Marketing Agency.

Currently, Vishal owns 4 other companies as well – with 2 belonging to the same sector i.e. social media marketing, a manufacturing company that produces industrial goods, and an eCommerce business that sells limited-edition handcrafted jewelry.

Vishal Jain is also the author of an eBook, Journey To A Million Dollars<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. In this book, he has shared all the tips and tricks he uses to help his clients grow their Instagram accounts with a specific targeted audience which leads to getting more clients and sales and helps influencers and bloggers get more collaborations offers.

According to Vishal, he wrote this book to help out other aspiring entrepreneurs. He says, “I know there are many ambitious individuals out there looking to enter the field of digital marketing but struggling due to lack of information. I wrote this book to help them out and give them a sense of direction so that they can be successful in what they want to do”. 

Vishal’s achievements are proof of how hard work and ambition leads to success. He has also proved that a college degree isn’t always necessary for becoming successful, it’s just a tool that can help you achieve success faster.