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How To Be Funny? Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

Some people are effortlessly funny while others have to learn how to be funny. If you’re someone who is looking to learn the art of making others laugh, don’t worry because we have got you covered. This article will teach you all the trips and tricks to help you become a crowd pleaser. Read along to find out more.

Some people have the talent of coming up with creative ways to make others laugh. Be it a joke or a simple snarky comment, these individuals know how to light up a room in seconds. For those of us who were not born with similar capabilities, we have to make an effort to come up with something that would amuse others.

Thankfully, being funny is a skill that can be learned and strengthened over time. It isn’t something that can be achieved and perfected overnight, nonetheless, with the right tips and technique, you can have a witty humor in no time.

Learning to do anything requires you to have confidence in your ability to succeed. The same is true for when learning how to be funny. Self-confidence is of utmost importance when it comes to being funny. No matter how hilarious your comment may be, if you’re lacking confidence, you might fail to make someone laugh.

If you’re wondering how you can build this confidence, look no further. In this article we will discuss the tips that will not only teach you how to be funny, but will also help you do it with confidence.

Why is being funny an essential life skill?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is be funny. In fact, you can think of humor as your minds immune system.It can help you combat some of the darkest moments in you life without letting you fall into a depressive episode. Humor doesn’t just guard you from depression but helps improve the overall quality of your life. Research has shown that people with a good sense of humor are more positive, have a greater self-esteem and self-compalancy, have more control over anxiety and perform better at social interactions

Furthermore, humor is key when it comes to overall success in the workplace and a crucial quality for leaders. It is a great way to make yourself seem more approachable and make others feel at ease around you. When you laugh not only do you feel relaxed but others around you do too. And when relaxed, you tend to think clearer, you are more creative and make better decisions.

Many studies have shown that humor is highly linked with your ability to be creative. At the same time, other studies have found out that those with a good sense of humor can often handle workplace targets more productively.

Similarly, having a humorous personality can help improve your social interaction skills and strengthen professional relationships. Researchers in the UK and Finland have observed that social laughter can trigger the release of endorphins, which are often referred to as the “feel good” hormones. These endorphins interact with the opioid receptors in our brain to help trigger feelings of pleasure and relieve pain.The study further revealed that the more the opioid receptors, the more you engage in social laughter.

This trait makes your personality more attractive and people want to converse with you. We all know that funny gal in our office who does not fail to make you laugh. People tend to gravitate towards such people because they know they will enjoy a good laugh in his or her presence.

In addition, 81% of women and 90% of men report that a sense of humor is the most important quality they seek in their partner. This is because, a person with a good humor can help you get through difficult times better, he or she can help you fight stress,anxiety,depression and improve your overall mood.


All in all, being funny is essential for living a long and happy life. It allows you to have a positive outlook in life which in turn helps you be your best self in all spheres of life. That being said, being funny is much more important than you might have thought. For this reason, we have devised a list of tips and techniques you can use to improve your sense of humor. With a little time and effort from your side, you will have a funny personality in no time.

How to be funny: Learning the skill

When you think about being funny, the first that probably comes to your mind is talking;however, this kind of humor does not cover two very important pieces of being funny.

The first thing is that being funny is way more about listening than it is about talking. The most hilarious people around you are keen observers, they are sensitive to the smallest changes and look for details in the environment that others might believe are insignificant. In short, they observe the kind of stuff that most people miss on the first pass, but instantly recognize it when it’s been brought back.

It is important to note that that when learning to be funny, you don’t have to announce your discovery. The secret here is to wait and choose the right moment. You should start by reading the room, observe what the conversation is about and most importantly find a healthy balance between listening and speaking.

The second secret about being funny is that even the funniest people are not funny at all times. Performing constantly or watching someone do it can be draining and it tends to lose its charm. Being funny doesn’t mean that you need to pass a hilarious comment on everything you hear and see.

Finding this balance between being funny and serious is what is crucial to having a good sense of humor. If you feel like even your top-quality jokes are failing, it might be because you’ve been making jokes too often, Hence, give yourself some rest and choose the right moment to strike others with your humorous personality.

Here are a few additional tips to help you bring out the funnier side of your personality:

1.   Watch stand up and comedies

This is a simple yet effective way to get started as no one understands humor better than comedians.Watching comedians will effectively immerse you in the task and will help you discover unique ways of developing a sense of humor. It will give you the opportunity to learn their tricks and apply them to yourself in one way or the other.

At the same time, while observing these comedians, you will get a sense of what you do and don’t like about the person and keeping that frame of reference in mind, you will know what kind of jokes would or would not like to make.

You can also listen to podcasts that may amuse you or study funny people such as Kevin Hart. Try to figure out what makes these people so funny and likable, how do they execute a joke and how do they know when to stop. These factors combined will help you get a better sense of how these people get to be funny so effortlessly and help you achieve the same result.

However, it is important to note that not everyone will find the same thing funny. Hence you will have to experiment now and then, you will have to read the room and get to find out what the person in front of you finds funny or not. This is why people who are funny are also great observers.

2.   Try to see the funny side of things

Some of us see the practical side of things while others have the ability to bring out the humorous side of everything. In order to be funny, you will have to take something ordinary and make a joke out of it. The best jokes are those which people can relate to and so, it is suggested that you make jokes about things from your daily life.

You may not think this now, but there is a hidden joke in every situation, you just need to be skilled enough to find it. The best way to come up with something funny about a situation is to look at it from a different perspective. This is a valuable asset when learning how to be funny.

If you get stressed out about a situation or normally start look at solutions, it is time that you look at the situation from a different perspective. Making jokes can help lighten the mood and as mentioned, can ignite the creative side of the brain which can in turn help you make better decisions. Hence, unlike what most people think, adding humor to a difficult situation is not irresponsible and it in no way means that you are less concerned about what is happening around you.

Go ahead and try doing this the next time you find yourself in a difficult situation. Or simply, for now, start to analyze simple things around you or even objects around you, we promise that there is a funny side to everything in life.

3.   Learn some simple jokes

If you’re a beginner, it may be hard for you to come up with jokes about the situation instantly. The best solution to that is to learn a few jokes that you think are funny and can help make others laugh. You can also keep a few stories in mind that you think are funny. These stories can be about you or about others. Either way, if the story is funny and you tell it the right way, people are bound to laugh.

Let’s say you can’t think of a funny story about yourself, you can always browse the internet to find funny stories. Similarly, you can make up jokes about something that you might have seen on the internet, or you can think of a joke about an event that everyone around you may know of. It can be something political, related to sports or even the weather. It’s all about your perspective and how you use it to come up with a joke.

However, it is best to not fit a similar joke in every situation. Once again, keenly observe where the conversation is going and then make your shot. Also, make sure that your jokes are not offensive or directed at any single segment of the society. Yes, some people find everything offensive and tend to make everything about themselves. In that case, you can stay clear of making any kind of jokes in their presence.

4.   Hang out and observe funny people

We all have friends who are undeniably funny. There’s no better way of learning how to be funny than spending time with them and observing how and when they tend to be funny. In addition, spending time with funny people eventually ends up making you funny too. You may not realize it but overtime, you pick habits from people you admire. Hence, when spending time with a funny friend, it is likely that you will discover the funny side of your personality as well.

Some of us have something to say but are afraid to contribute, that is something that could stop you from being funny. Hence, start with loosening up a little around people you know and feel safe around. You will not have to worry about being embarrassed around your close friends or family members thus, make jokes and start by being funny around them. Believe us when we say, every little laugh counts hence, your contribution to making someone laugh is just as important. So believe in yourself and make a joke, what’s the worst that could happen. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can always joke about it in the future.

5.   If you fail at first, don’t give up

Even comics receive criticism on their work on a daily basis. Hence, you cannot be at your best at all times. In addition, some people may not get your joke, that is always a possibility. Therefore, if the person in front of you does not laugh, don’t take it personally. There are a number of reasons why that happened and those reasons are not related to how good or bad your joke was.

A single moment does not determine your ability to be funny. Even the funniest people at times face situations where they fake to make others laugh. If you have seen friends and know about the funny character Chandler, you would know that even he at times would fail to make his friends laugh. Hence, don’t let this single moment get to you or stop you from trying again. Once again, self-confidence is what makes all the difference.

6.   Don’t overdo it or offend people

There’s a fine line between being funny and offensive. At times people cross that line without even realizing it and that is a mistake you want to avoid at all times. Yes, we’ve seen many people get away with making offensive jokes but that simply means that the person in front of them was kind enough to not make a big deal out of it and not because they were not offended.

Light humor is always a good option especially if you’re not too sure about the people in front of you, especially at workplaces. It’s best to observe and see if it is safe to make a joke that you might have in mind. If you’re unsure, it is safe to not say anything and is much better than offending others and deteriorating your relationship with them.

7.   Be witty, not silly

Silly humor may get you started, but it can get old really fast. When being funny, the aim isn’t to make you look immature or foolish but to make you witty. Unlike being silly, being witty never gets old. You are creative, in the moment, think of appealing jokes related to the situation and much more.

Moreover, studies show that a witty sense of humor is an attractive trait for both men and women alike.The thing about being witty is that you need to be spontaneous, you can’t let the moment pass. If you’re new to it, you may be a little nervous or reserved  or might have trouble speaking quickly enough to sound funny. This is a skill that can only be learned with time and practice. Hence, unless you start doing it yourself, you’ll never get the hang of it.


8.   There’s a difference between being funny and mean

Sometimes, making a joke about someone can come off as mean rather than funny. Hence, although you have to be spontaneous when making a joke, you also need to be sure that it does not sound mean. This can happen if your joke is targeted at someone in particular. If your joke ends up making others laugh, the person who is the target of the joke will become more self-conscious and may find it more offensive. Hence, if you plan to make a joke directed at someone, let it be when you are alone with them, that way they won’t be as offended.

Nonetheless, avoid such jokes whenever possible. There are millions of other things you can joke about and so, this should be your last choice.

9.   Stay positive and laugh more

Those who are happy makes others happy. If you are someone who often gives off unhappy vibes, it will be hard for others to laugh at your jokes. That being said, in order for you to develop a sense of humor, you need to laugh more and need to let others feel comfortable around you. Hence, have a positive outlook on life, look at life from a different perspective than you normally would. In short, you can never make others laugh if you’re hesitant to laugh yourself. Life is full of ups and downs, it’s how you deal with those moments is what matters.

10.                Practice

Practice without a doubt makes a man perfect. This is especially true when learning how to be funny.  You will never know what appeals to you or others unless you do it. Moreover, joking is all about time and delivery and these two things can only be learned by practice. Even if you’re not in the mood to tell a joke, in your mind, keep on thinking about what can be said in the situation that can make you sound funny.

It is best if you start practicing around friends who you know will not make you feel embarrassed. With such people, you are allowed to make mistakes which also helps you learn from your mistakes. The more you joke, the more comfortable you will become with being funny.


All the tips mentioned above combined can help you become a witty person. All it takes is some time,effort and consistent practice. It may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying the process just as much as others. Remember to not give up too easily, even the best of comedians can at times fake to make others laugh so if that ever happens to you, don’t worry about it and keep on using the skill till you learn to perfect it.