How Not Accepting a Medical Diagnosis Led To This Entrepreneur’s Million Dollar Business

Business mentor, speaker, author, and celebrity health consultant Maggie Berghoff turned a horrible health decline into a million dollar business, and we have the details behind her story!  Maggie works with celebrity clientele, including well-known CEOs, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs. With a background in medicine and health from Vanderbilt University, she combines her knowledge with that obtained from the Institute For Functional Medicine to help individuals under high stress optimize their mind and body to perform higher and boost energy. Currently, Maggie Berghoff is one of the most sought-after mentors for business by clinicians and coaches, the founder of Celproceo, a high level concierge agency for health and wellness,  and a mom of 2 with one on the way.  

The Near-Death Health Crisis That Brought Her Back To Life


At the young age of twenty-four, Maggie Berghoff suffered from a mini-stroke that ultimately helped her discover her life’s purpose.  Before the mini-stroke, Maggie was experiencing all sorts of odd health complications over the year leading up to this event – fatigue, extreme bloating, weight gain, dizziness, and full body swelling were some of her most frustrating symptoms.  Previously, she was energetic, fit, and happy. Maggie was trained as a Nurse Practitioner when she started experiencing these odd health symptoms, so she went to traditional medical doctors to help figure out what was going on.

After a long and frustrating journey, she was left with zero answers as to why her body was essentially failing, and what to do about it.  She was diagnosed with everything from kidney disease to severe immunodeficiency disorder to autoimmune disease of unknown cause. Eventually, Maggie ended up in a cold hospital bed one summer night after experiencing a terrifying mini-stroke at home, and after staying the night at the hospital for testing that again revealed no answers into why this was happening, she decided to go out on her own to heal her body.  

She stated, “I knew at this time that no one cared enough about me than me to figure this out, so that’s what I set out to do.”   This spiraled Maggie’s deep-dive into learning everything she could about functional medicine, lifestyle choices, food, environmental toxins, and mindset.  She became addicted in understanding more about how the body worked on a deeper level, and how external things impacted the internal environment which would lead to health complications. 

Maggie ultimately was able to fully reverse all her health complications, get off all pharmaceutical medications, and even become pregnant naturally with 3 healthy babies despite a diagnosis of “infertility” amidst the others.  After this, Maggie knew there was no way she could go back to working for the hospital where she simply was taught to prescribe medications for symptoms and “diseases,” and hardly know what was even going on in her patient’s lives to attempt to fully help them.  Maggie started her own health consulting business, Celproceo, and decided to do so fully online in order to help more people outside of her own community.    


Maggie Berghoff Will Elevate Your Life

Maggie’s health consulting business flourished quickly, attracting the world’s elite, including celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, and well-known leaders.  She then branched into helping other health and wellness practitioners in building their own online health consulting business in order to further help impact the world in this way.  She is extremely passionate about bringing light to true health, lifestyle changes that are simple and sustainable, and inspiring people to know that despite the stresses of modern day life or their current health status, they truly can thrive physically and mentally with this guidance.