How Myles Broom Turned His Passion Into His Profession

In today’s world that is becoming increasingly competitive day by day, it is almost impossible for individuals to pursue their passion; let alone become successful in doing so. One main hurdle that prevents people from doing what they truly love is financial stability. However, what many people do not realize is that if you do become successful in what you’re doing, you’re going to be more than just stable. The life of Myles Broom is a perfect example of this.

Myles Broom is one of the high growth young entrepreneurs of today. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Myles pursued entrepreneurship by passion and not just as a profession. He was the type of student who would spend his extra time in his Business Studies teacher’s office, discussing concepts and their practical application after hours whilst his friends would be playing video games or at the football pitch. Myles started his first venture when he was 14 and recently, he has been unstoppable. 

His list of different ventures includes a t-shirt store, a content creation agency, and even an elite members club. He was also involved in the export of an unknown yet promising champagne label at one point and sourced it to nightclubs in London as well, back when he was just 21. It can be said that Myles took every opportunity that life threw at him, and made something out of it. At the age of 16, Myles won a young entrepreneurs award for creating eco-friendly products from playground waste, which is proof of his finesse in finding solutions to problems, and intelligence on how to take the opportunity in prime markets. 

“Starting my business was something I knew I had to do since I was very young. My friends would be playing outside while I spent most of my time reading inspirational stories of entrepreneurs and looking for new opportunities to start a venture. I consider myself a bit of an info nerd.” says Myles.

Myles went on to start a variety of different ventures until he found his most successful venture, The Normal Company. The company offers real-time solutions for e-commerce brands and helps them increase revenue to get the highest return ever, mainly through paid advertising. So far, Myles Broom and his partner, Cameron Farthing, have assisted several e-commerce businesses in taking their monthly revenue to six-figures (and even seven in many cases).

Myles believes that his biggest achievement is taking brands from circa $50,000 monthly sales figures to six-figure record sales within 6 months through the Normal Company, taking them to their highest revenue months ever achieved. In his own words, “the buzz is incomparable”. The company’s clientele includes some top tier celebrity-endorsed brands including the likes of Kylie Jenner, Will I Am, Victoria’s Secret models and top tier Instagram influencers from all over the globe.

What makes Myles stand apart from other entrepreneurs is his willingness to constantly learn and become a better entrepreneur and person overall. The main reason he started different ventures was that he wanted to learn something new, not that he wanted to cash on the opportunity. And that’s not it; even after starting these ventures that were quite successful in their own individual right, the young lad also worked for different marketing agencies and FTSE 100 companies, purely to gain back end knowledge, to expedite the growth process for his own agency.  

Myles accredits his success to his underlying passion for entrepreneurship, and thirst for constant new knowledge. He was big on entrepreneurship and personal development since he was a teenager, with his father making him listen and recall the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey to him when he was just 15. The book broadened Myles’ perspective and enabled him to think out of the box. He was encouraged to self-learn and not just rely on what the system teaches us, because according to Myles if you do that, ‘you will spend your whole life being a servant of this system – if you want out of it, you need to unlearn conformity and relearn new ways of thinking’. 

Myles Broom’s story is the perfect example for every individual who wants to break free from the shambles of the society and pursue their passion. Had he been afraid of failure or what others would think, he would’ve never reached the level he is at today.