How Much Money Did Pablo Escobar Make?

All of us have heard the name ‘Pablo Escobar’ at least once in our lives. The life of the drug lord has been presented in a lot of movies, books and documentaries. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Over twenty years after his demise, Pablo Escobar still stays well known as he was during his prime years as the head of the Medellín drug cartel. His fixture in mainstream society is generally on account of numerous books, motion pictures, and songs.

A Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria in 1976 became the founder and sole head of the Medellín Cartel. The Medellín Cartel, which appropriated powder cocaine, and set up the initial smuggling courses into the United States, Escobar’s penetration into the U.S. resulted in exponential interest for cocaine, and by the 1980s, it was approximated that Escobar drove shipments of 70 to 80 tons of cocaine from Columbia into the United States, every month. Pablo escobar height was 1.67 m.

So, how much money did Pablo Escobar make? Subsequently, he immediately became probably the richest individual on the planet. However Escobar consistently got into fights with local and foreign rival cartels that prompted slaughters and the homicides of cops, judges, local people, and noticeable legislators, making Colombia the homicide capital of the world.

How Much Money Did Pablo Escobar make?

At the peak of its influence, the Medellín cartel ruled the cocaine exchange, acquiring an expected $420 million per week and making its founder and head perhaps the wealthiest individual on the planet. With a reported net worth of almost $25 billion, Escobar had more than sufficient cash to spend, and spend he did.

His extravagant way of life included private planes, lavish homes, and exclusive and lavish parties. By the end of the 1980s he supposedly offered to take care of his nation’s $10 billion debt. However, he only made the offer only on the basis of the fact that if he does, he will be absolved from any extradition treaty. And what happened to pablo escobar family, the run in 1992 till 1993, Escobar supposedly burnt $2 million so as to keep his daughter warm. Pablo Escobar zoo is very famous in Colombia.


Nonetheless, in spite of his earnest attempts, even Escobar could not go through such cash, and a lot of it was put away in stockrooms and fields. As per his brother, Roberto Escobar, about 10%, or $2.1 billion, was written off on a yearly basis; it was either eaten by rodents or obliterated by the elements. Most of the time, it was basically lost.


To envision the degree of Pablo Escobar’s wealth, he made it to the Forbes’ list of international billionaires for seven consecutive years, from 1987 up until 1993. In 1989, pablo escobar money was named as the seventh most wealthiest man on the planet.

While stowing away or obliterating the excessive measure of cash was one issue, the two brothers also often came face to face with another, more rudimentary issue which was organizing the banknotes perfectly. As indicated by Roberto Escobar, the Medellín cartel spent an expected $2,500 per month on rubber bands that were meant to hold the stacks of bills together.

How Did Pablo Escobar Die?

What happened to Pablo Escobar, When did pablo escobar die? In 1991 Escobar offered to hand himself over to the legal authorities given that he was permitted to construct his own jail. However, quite shockingly (or maybe not) Colombian authorities gave in to his demand. The outcome of it was the lavish ‘La Catedral’. Not only did the jail exclusively have a nightclub, it also had a sauna, a soccer field and a waterfall. Moreover, it likewise had phones, personal computers, and fax machines. However, after Escobar tortured and killed two cartel individuals at La Catedral, authorities chose to move him to a prison facility that was less accommodating and comfortable than the one he built for himself. Nevertheless, before he could be moved, Escobar got away, in July 1992.

After his prison break, the Colombian government (supposedly supported by the United States authorities and rival drug dealers) dispatched a huge manhunt. On December 2, 1993, Escobar commended his 44th birthday celebration, which he apparently enjoyed and celebrated with cake, wine, and cannabis. The following day, his hideout spot in Medellín was found. While Colombian powers raged into the building , Escobar managed to get one of his bodyguard’s out onto the rooftop. A pursuit and a gunfight resulted, and Escobar was lethally shot. However, a few people assume that Escobar ended his own life. The drug lord, who confronted conceivable extradition to the United States whenever captured, had once said that he “would prefer to have a grave in Colombia than a prison cell in the United States”

Pablo Escobar’s Son

The son of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos was born in Medellin, Columbia, on the 24th of February in 1977 as Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, and is currently a Colombian architect and writer.

Juan Escobar, his mother, and his sister Manuela originally fled to Mozambique, and later on headed out for Argentina on visitation visas, where they eventually remained and became residents in a state of banishment from their country Colombia. Juan Pablo picked the name “Sebastián Marroquín” from the phone directory and took it up as his new name since he required another identity. In a meeting with Skavlan, he expressed that airlines would not offer to him under the Escobar name.

In spite of the fact that he and his family keep on earning money on the rights to Pablo Escobar’s name and resemblance, (for example, selling garments bearing his similarity for additional salary), and have attempted multiple times (albeit fruitlessly) to enroll Escobar’s name as a brand, Marroquín favours not to be connected with his dad, which includes notice of his past name; he is likewise resolved to separate himself from the Medellín Cartel and the illegal drug trade in Colombia.

Marroquín graduated from college with a degree in design and presently lives in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires with his wife and child, where he works as an architect. He has since met with a few of his dad’s victims as depicted in the 2009 documentary ‘Sins of My Father’.

Marroquín has also had the chance to visit Colombia twice: to offer his respects at his father’s grave and for the debut and premiere of the documentary. He was not permitted to enter Hacienda Nápoles for a return visit to Escobar’s 20 square kilometer or 7.7 square mile home, 180 kilometers or 110 miles east of Medellin, which has been seized by the Colombian government after Escobar’s demise and is now managed by the district of Puerto Triunfo as a public park, campsite, and gallery of Escobar’s wrongdoings.

Pablo Escobar’s House

Pablo Escobar houses – Hacienda Nápoles which is spanish for “Naples Estate” was the lavish estate made and possessed by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia Department, Colombia, around 150 km or 93 miles east of Medellín and 249 km or 155 miles northwest of Bogotá. The domain covers around 20 square kilometers or 7.7 square miles of land. Following Escobar’s passing in 1993, a significant number of the original buildings on the property were obliterated or reconditioned for different employments.


The home incorporated a Spanish colonial house, a model park, and a zoo that included numerous sorts of creatures from various countries and continents, for example, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, hippopotamuses, exotic birds, ostriches, and horses. The property additionally boasted a huge assortment of old and extravagant vehicles and bicycles, a private air terminal, a bullring, and even a kart racing track. Mounted on the hacienda’s entrance door is an imitation of the Piper PA-18 Super Cub plane.

Other unique highlights incorporate dinosaur statues made with bones in a part of the lavish estate, alongside statues of prehistoric animals, (for example, the mammoth) that children can climb and play on, along with decommissioned military vehicles and a giant sized hand sculpture.

Escobar’s family and the Columbian government got into some struggles over the property after Escobar’s death. The government won and acquired the property. These days, it is being handled by the district of Puerto Triunfo as a national park, campsite, and a museum of Escobar’s crimes.


Escobar endured bullet wounds to the leg and torso, and a lethal gunfire through the ear. It has never been proven who really shot the bullet into his ear, or decided if this fire was made during the gunfight or as a major aspect of a potential execution, with a wide hypothesis remaining with respect to the subject. After the death of pablo escobar’s father, his aunt alba marina escobar stole the hidden money.

A portion of Escobar’s family members believe that he had committed a suicide. His two siblings, Roberto Escobar and Fernando Sánchez Arellano, have repeatedly stated that he shot himself through the ear. In a statement concerning the subject, the pair expressed that Pablo “had committed suicide, he didn’t get murdered. During all the years they followed him, he would state to me consistently that if he was really cornered without an exit plan, he would ‘shoot himself through the ear’.”

It is true that he was one of wealthiest people (if not the wealthiest) on the planet, but after his death a lot of his money was dispersed, most of it was acquired by the government while his family could salvage enough to last them for some time where they could book an entire hotel floor and have body guards for their protection. However, this soon became expensive, especially since there was no consistent source of income flowing through. That was when the family moved to Argentina and spent the rest of their life as normal middle class citizens.


Not long after Escobar’s passing and the resulting discontinuity of the Medellín Cartel, the cocaine market got dominated by the opponent Cali Cartel until the middle of the 1990s when its heads were either murdered or caught by the Colombian government. The Robin Hood picture that Escobar had created of himself kept up an enduring impact in Medellín. Numerous people there, particularly a considerable lot of the city’s helpless whom Escobar had supported while he was alive, grieved his passing, and more than 25,000 individuals went to his burial service.

FAQ’s about Pablo Escobar

How Much Money Did Pablo Escobar have?

How much did Pablo Escobar make? Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who amassed a fortune through the production and distribution of cocaine. In the 1980s, he was one of the richest men in the world, with an estimated net worth of $30 billion. Many people asked about Pablo Escobar is alive or not, the answer is not alive.

How much is Pablo Escobar worth?

Pablo Escobar net worth is $25 billion.

What happened to Pablo Escobar’s family?

Family of Pablo Escobar life was full of tragedy. His wife, Maria Victoria Henao, and their two children, Juan Pablo and Manuela, were constantly pursued by the Colombian authorities and lived in fear for their lives. In 1993, Escobar was killed in a shootout with the police. His death left his family devastated.

What happened to Pablo Escobar’s money

Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who amassed a fortune through the sale of illegal drugs. He was killed in 1993, and his death left many wondering what happened to his money. Estimates of Escobar’s wealth vary, but it is generally agreed that he was one of the richest men in the world at the time.

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