How Lebanese Magnate Ayman Assi Transformed His Struggles To Successes

Ayman Assi is an exemplary man who, despite all the roadblocks that greeted at every corner of his life, displayed immense strength and persistence and got past all of the hindrances to accumulate massive success.

Hailing originally from Lebanon, Assi emigrated to London when he was only 20 years old. To sustain his day to day life, he began working as a Kitchen Porter at a local restaurant the first day he moved. Due to sheer arduous work and sincerity to his job, he quickly rose from his initial position as a Kitchen Porter to becoming a Delivery Man. In his hustle to achieve more, he then switched his job and took the offer of working as a Salesman. He finally decided that this was the last time he was going to work as an employee under someone.


His keen interest in entrepreneurship and remarkable networking skills led him to pitch his business idea of delivering dairy products like cheese and strained yogurt to his partners. The business model was successful however, to quench his thirst for running a business owned entirely by himself, he let his partners take over this dairy products business and decided to experiment with another venture. 

Remembering his time as a Kitchen Porter, Ayman established a restaurant in the city of London. Unfortunately, it failed to fly as high as Ayman had wished and crashed disastrously; Ayman was now drowning in a debt of 400,000 British Pounds. Where most people would have played the victim and blamed their adverse circumstances for the immense loss; Ayman’s resolve did not falter. He turned this stumbling rock into a stepping-stone and continued his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

He commenced the new phase of his life by working at a Valet Parking Service, and soon, established his own Car Rental Company. Its success bolstered his confidence and now, with a greater motivation and a handful of clients, he launched a concierge company called Amerald UK.

Amerald UK catapulted Ayman from the range of mediocre to the exceptional. At his concierge company, he provides luxury lifestyle services in the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain & Netherlands. According to the client’s chosen plan, Amerald greets them from the inside of the airplane as soon as they and; escorts them directly to their car under the airplane; or through the fast-track process, escorts them to their luxury car and then to your hotel. Additionally, his services include private jet rentals, helicopter rentals, close protection, furnished penthouses, villas, and luxury hotels.

His passion for entrepreneurship did not wane yet. After the success of his concierge company, he laid the foundation to a restaurant in West London called Beit El Zaytoun, and this time around, Londoners loved the Middle East flavor Assi was offering. Soon, the restaurant was flourishing as well. Apart from this, as a die-hard music lover, he also established an events company in London called

A Events. A Events hosts concerts and other music festivities and invites the biggest Middle-Eastern Singers to perform in London. Now, his latest project – which is in the process of becoming fully functional – comprises of an online business promoting Mediterranean culture and fulfilling people’s needs with regards to that.

Ayman Assi’s journey from struggles to successes serves to remind us that we should possess unwavering resilience and indefatigable optimism as to possess the capability of not letting any adversary hinder us from attaining success.