How Khalila Lister’s Power of Voice Academy Is Transforming Lives of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to gather your confidence and muster up the courage to speak your mind? Look no further than the Power of Voice Academy, a premier public speaking academy that guides individuals to captivate audiences and achieve their full potential using the greatest tool they own – their voice. Founded by Khalila Lister, a public speaking coach, strategist, and serial entrepreneur, the academy is dedicated to helping speakers reach their full potential and get their message out into the world.

Through her academy, Lister offers a variety of resources and opportunities for Muslim women entrepreneurs to improve their communication and public speaking skills, as well as networking and mentorship opportunities. Many of her clients have reported significant improvements in their confidence and communication ability, leading to tremendous success in their personal and professional lives. While one appreciated her efforts by saying, “Khalila is a mentor like no other; she believes in you and won’t let you leave her space without feeling empowered and ready to achieve your lofty dreams. Can’t recommend her as a mentor and strategist enough.”


Khalila is on a mission to empower others to craft their brand story to get on the map and create a unique name for themselves. She understands the transformative power of speaking up and wants to share everything she has learned on her journey to help others succeed. One of the unique features of the Power of Voice Academy is the special focus on serving Muslim women, who traditionally have little access to public speaking training. She counts it as one of the critical successes of the Power of Voice Academy to increase the visibility and influence of Muslim women, helping them take on leadership roles, speak out on important issues and build thriving businesses.

Lister’s academy has also positively impacted the broader Muslim community by increasing the representation and visibility of Muslim women in the business world. This is important as Muslim women continue to face barriers and discrimination in the workplace, and their contributions and perspectives are often overlooked. The Power of Voice Academy is helping to change this by providing Muslim women with the tools and support they need to succeed.

The academy’s group program, “Stageschool,” is exclusively for women and is conducted online, connecting individuals worldwide. This program offers bi-weekly coaching calls and the opportunity to form a great supportive community within women’s communities. In addition to Stageschool, the Power of Voice Academy also offers “Spotlight,” a program that works exclusively with seasoned speakers to help them elevate their techniques and produce powerful keynotes to book them as speakers.


Khalila’s Academy has helped clients increase their income, gain new clients, and speak on their dream platforms. Their success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of the training and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives. So if you are ready to take your public speaking skills to the next level, join Power of Voice Academy and be a part of the community of entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders who are creating a significant mark in the world! Follow her to get enlightened with the best tips!