How Dr. Janine Kreft Is Contributing to the World of Mental Wellness and Consciousness through Social Media

Janine Kreft, Psy.D. is a striving entrepreneur bringing innovation to the world of mental wellness and consciousness. Dr. Kreft is a well-recognized clinical psychologist, and CEO of Kreft’s Couch – an online social media healing and global platform. 

Dr. Kreft launched Kreft’s Couch in February 2021 but has been on social media for a quite long time. She has around 110k Instagram followers and 680k on Tiktok that seek support regarding topics including: regulating the nervous system, subconscious reprogramming, setting boundaries in relationships, finding purpose in life, taking care of your well-being, and much more through different approaches. 

Dr. Kreft is a modern trendsetter in the world of clinical psychology. She has introduced less known and newer techniques that can facilitate any person towards greater mental wellness. “Mental health is physical health,” says Dr. Kreft. 

Her contribution to the world of psychology and wellness through social media has made healing more accessible. In the words of Dr. Kreft, mental health hygiene is to seek “practicing tools preventatively in order to maintain mental wellness and help increase resilience”. 

One of her most innovative and unique courses: the “Pocket Couch Time ” aims to help a person to regulate during an extremely emotional or mentally distressed state. This course is the closest thing to having Dr. Kreft in your back pocket as she guides you through step-by-step to reregulate. She has ones for: panic attacks, anger management, and overthinking/self-doubt. 

Dr. Kreft graduated with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 2015 and worked as a telehealth psychologist in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for a long time. Feeling out of alignment with traditional strategies that were taught, Dr. Kreft searched for other present-day tools that could work more efficiently. Simultaneously, she discovered that social media was the best platform to spread the message and so, Dr. Kreft began making videos that could create more ease in people’s lives.

Kreft’s Couch is away from the traditional model as Dr. Kreft is trained in Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, The Emotion Code, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Mental- Emotional Release, and Access Consciousness. Many of her clients report gratitude for her breadth of knowledge and highly unique skill set. “She doesn’t make me crazy for my spiritual awakening yet is grounded in this reality.”

Dr. Kreft now provides 1:1 transformational sessions, group coaching, and self-paced mental wellness courses to people around the world. She reports a desire to increase global consciousness and communicate the importance of mental wellness through her brand. She works with people on creating purpose, cultivating ease in relationships, following the energy in business & entrepreneurship, heightening energetic fluency abilities, manifesting abundance, creating ease with embodiment, cultivating emotional mastery and much more. 

Dr. Kreft’s work is highly appreciated by her clients as her efforts have brought comfort and transformation to people across the globe. She is a great contribution to bringing a fresh, new perspective around healing and clinical psychology.