How Chad Felderhoff Went From Employee To CEO

Choosing where to take your career may be the most challenging thing you will encounter after you graduate. Some people work at their family business while others choose to take a different path as employees in the corporate world. Chad Felderhoff, a known entrepreneur because of his Muenster Milling Company, had to make that same decision. There were a lot of struggles and decisions to make before he became who he is today. To run a pet food manufacturing company was not his first option nor something he really thought he could do.

Different path

Experiencing failures and taking the wrong path is always part of the process. Before you can taste success, you will need to face the hardest part first. This is one of the situations that made up the success of Chad Felderhoff. He took a different path during the time when he was still choosing between finding a new path for his agriculture career or running the family business. Today, he analyzes every situation thoroughly for the best solutions and outcomes. Every time there are setbacks, he tries to remember what had happened in the past and reimagine everything so that he can come up with the best solutions for his business. 

Going back 

From other employers, he decided to go back as an employee in the family business. That was his start of climbing up to the ladder until he became the CEO of Muenster Milling Company. The decision to go back was a key to his success because if he had not turned his head to what his family was doing, he wouldn’t have had the chance to prove to his family that he has the right mind of an entrepreneur. 

New process 

Another step that made him successfully climb up from employee to CEO is when he came up with a new process to integrate into his family business. He was the one who talked about the freeze-drying features of pet food. The company is now processing freeze-dried pet foods and treats, which is one of its competitive products. 

New perspective 

Passion and business sometimes come in combination. However, Felderhoff didn’t believe that it’s only passion that can run a business. He also put the business into perspective so that even if his company is made out of the passion of his parents, there is still something technical about it. Without a vision, a company will not last for long. Apart from having a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture which fits the requirement of being a CEO of a pet food manufacturer

. Felderhoff proved that he’s business-minded by bringing in new concepts and assets to the company. This made a great impact on the company and it is a big part of why he and the company are so successful today.