Here’s How Thriving Entrepreneur Ambro Di Pilato Can Help You Take Your Business To New Heights Of Success

Did you know that according to research, 65% of the businesses fail within the first 5 years of operations? This roughly means that out of 100,000 businesses started in a particular year, only 45,000 will be able to hit the 5-year mark; the rest will fail by that time due to numerous reasons, with one of the most common ones being lack of proper knowledge about selling in the market. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your business has to fail too. In fact, your business can reach heights of success in the first 5 years with Ambro Di Pilato’s help.

Ambro Di Pilato is a successful entrepreneur and one of the youngest millionaires from Canada. Like many others, his journey started with simple jobs, but he ended up becoming one of the top players in the sales industry. Ambro began his entrepreneurial career by promoting events in the art industry, which is an extremely difficult thing to do. Yet, owing to his talent and skills, Ambro was able to attract a large audience and help artists make millions from art exhibitions. After spending a few years in the art industry, Ambro found his first venture, Ambro Galleries, one of the largest franchises of pop-up galleries in Canada.


Ambro mastered in the art of selling through his first venture and later transitioned these skills into his second and most successful venture, The Stratton Sales Agency, an agency that assists entrepreneurs and businesses in scaling their revenues to over $100,000 within six months. The process is fairly straight-forward. Ambro’s believes that high-ticket sales are the ultimate key to success, which is why he helps his clients with low-ticket approach transition into the high-ticket approach. Once this is done, his team finds new leads and high-ticket selling opportunities for their clients and close deals on their behalf. 

Ambro’s team comprises of dedicated and professional sales agents who have been personally trained by Ambro himself. Contrary to popular belief, Ambro thinks that having experience is not necessary for doing a job the right way. According to him, an individual’s talent and dedication matter more. “When I stepped into the industry, I had no experience. All I knew was that this is what I want to do – and I did it,” says Ambro, adding that this is the reason why he believes in giving everyone a chance. After training, the agents are first assigned low-value deals, and then they move their way up on the ladder to deals worth $500,000 and above. 

What makes Ambro stand apart from others in the sales industry is the fact that he believes in complete transparency. Unlike other sales agents and agencies that portray as if they are closing deals themselves, but actually hand it over to someone with little or no experience, Ambro closes all his clients’ deals himself – even if the work is done by his team. This way, if the agency gets into trouble, his employees won’t be held accountable and will be paid for their services anyway. If anything, this is proof of Ambro’s honesty and his efforts to treat his team as his own. 


Ambro Di Pilato is one of the very few individuals who successfully converted their passion into their profession. Through his expertise in the field of sales, he has not only helped his clients’ businesses reach new heights of success, but he is also helping others become like him by letting them work under his shadow. This is a quality that you don’t find often in people.