Future Doctor Kumail Hussain Shares Reasons Why You Must Diversify Your Income Streams

Financial freedom is freedom from fear. You must avoid hoarding and minimalism is a great way of living but setting up streams of inflowing cash is the ultimate way to live a life without stress or fear. A diversified income can protect you against the loss of a job and can help you save up to invest more into your future. The possibilities are endless when you are ready to expand your horizon, look beyond your limitations, and aim high. 

Kumail Hussain is a young and vibrant content creator while being a medical student. His content on YouTube and coaching sessions on his website are widely popular for study insights, productivity, side hustles, and helpful tips for students and learners to develop themselves and achieve their goals. 

Aside from that, he has cashed his good looks and personality by working as a model and actor in Chicago, IL (acting profile). He is seen in commercials like Optimum Nutrition, Cisco, Dollar Shave Club, Pedialyte, Cracker Barrel, Aldi and has been on TV shows like Chicago PD. Diversifying his income streams and side hustling has been a part of him since childhood as he says, “Ever since I was younger, I was obsessed with making money. Not just to say I was rich or to impress others or as the kids say it “flex” on everyone else. But our family always had money problems and I wanted those problems to go away so badly. I started working when I was 14 for my uncle’s moving business. I did odd jobs for my cousin’s real estate property. I tried reselling candy in school. I held multiple work-study jobs in college. I worked my way up to a Car Wash Manager for a million-dollar producing business while I attended college.”

Kumail began his business and personal brand as a side hustle while pursuing medical education. For all those around him, it was not an intelligent effort on his part but he had his own vision. “As a future doctor I might earn a sizable income, but I don’t want medicine to be my only source of income. I  want to show people that you have plenty of time to build your own wealth and pursue any side hustles or passions you are interested in. 

Kumail recently became a business partner for the app Calendar Buddy. An app that shares his mission of helping others improve their productivity in a meaningful way. He loves how the app offers a free version for anyone looking to plan their day!

Kumail believes side hustle is the perfect way to expand your financial sources. The best thing about it is you enjoy it while making money out of it. For him, his side business while building his medical career provided him with the confidence and financial freedom that he would have probably had to wait a few more years.

Kumail’s success journey shows as there are many sides to a person, there is a multitude of interests and skills too that can be used to generate income in different ways.