From Strength to Flexibility: How 6’6″ Calisthenic Coach Malcolm Akinseye Inspired Thousands

They say success travels in the company of arduous work — there’s no trick, no easy way, and that’s exactly what defines the journey of a 6’6″ athlete and calisthenics coach, Malcolm Akinseye. He dedicated himself to his craft for years, training hard and pushing beyond perceived limitations. As a result of his efforts, he has become a leader in the world of calisthenics, inspiring thousands with his success story.

Malcolm started his journey as an amateur weightlifter but soon found himself searching for something more. He stumbled upon calisthenics and was instantly hooked. Taking on the challenge of transforming his body with this different form of strength training, he was soon able to defy gravity and perform impressive feats of physical prowess. The journey, however, was more challenging than Malcolm made it look.


Starting out in calisthenics, Malcolm faced a difficult road. His above-average height and skinny structure made training more challenging than it was for many of his peers. With no one to learn from or train with, he had to teach himself the proper techniques and exercises. Malcolm dubbed it a “difficult and lonely experience.” Despite his challenges, he preserved and eventually became an unstoppable force in calisthenics. With thousands of admirers and followers worldwide, he is manifesting that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Malcolm runs his online coaching program, where he teaches aspiring athletes the tricks of calisthenics. Besides this, he is a famous calisthenics content creator on multiple social media platforms, including Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube, with over half a million fans and followers from around the globe.

In actuality, Malcolm had no plans to start his own coaching business at first. With the passage of time, his followers increased, and so did his impact. It encouraged him to create a coaching business with the hopes of helping people achieve their goals on a larger scale. That was the beginning of Malk Calisthenics, an online, comprehensive coaching program that allows beginners to find physical training and coaching tailored to their needs. He has also just recently released a line of merchandise that includes training tools and essentials that can aid calisthenics coaching. So far, thousands of aspiring students have benefited from his 1:1 coaching, with a 95% success rate.


Malcolm is a living example that no dream is too big, no matter how impossible it may initially seem. His inspiring story is a beacon of hope for thousands around the world who want to transform their lives through calisthenics.

Want to change the way you look and feel? Visit his website and live the life you desire.

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