From a Mathematical Engineer to a Digital Marketing Expert, The Story of Salim Elhila

Would you leave a promising career to venture into a new territory where you have nothing but a passion for making a difference? I struggle to answer this question personally. There is always a sense of comfort and false security that comes with employment. 

Salim Elhila is in high gear now more than ever to make a positive impact on the world. In 2017, after he completed his degree in Mathematical and Statistical Modelling Engineering, he managed to get a job abroad. He went to Australia,  taking on a high paying job in the Artificial Intelligence Field, allowing him to live a fabulous lifestyle. But sometimes money and job stability isn’t enough.

Against other people’s expectations, Salim quit and went to seek more fulfillment in life. Even with an excellent 9-5 job and good pay, he felt something was missing. 

Salim took a big leap of faith and went on to live life on his terms. He wanted freedom. After discovering the e-commerce industry, Salim opened his first e-commerce business, establishing a marketplace and selling trendy products online. Since then, Salim has reached more than 300K customers worldwide with his different businesses.  He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful online businesses. At only 26 years of age, Salim’s journey feels like it is just starting. 

Following his passion

Salim believes that people change either because of inspiration or despair. For him, continuing in the same job was not fulfilling. He had the vision to do more. 

Salim is passionate about changing the world. Soon, he realized there was a better way of doing it. E-commerce limited his ability to have human interaction. He knew that sharing his knowledge with others would be essential in helping people achieve success. Salim has always been attracted to social dynamics. 

By mentoring others, Salim found great success. He started building a community of entrepreneurs through YouTube and Facebook. His mentoring program would take a perfect beginner to gain more than 1k euros per day. He was hooked on helping people to grow in quantum leaps and achieve success.

In 2019, after creating successful businesses in e-commerce, mastering branding strategies, and impacting thousands of people, Salim chose to focus exclusively on e-learning. He co-founded Learning Master with his business partner Djibril Mara. Here, he continues to scale his impact by teaching budding entrepreneurs how to create their online coaching, consulting, and servicing businesses.

Seeking fulfillment

While many people define success based on income, Salim’s drive to success comes from seeking self-fulfillment. He has always been determined to do more. 

Salim understands that the success of one person does not have to mean the failure of another. By starting a mentorship program, he has always been keen to help other people achieve the same level of success. Salim shares his knowledge and skills with other business owners to expedite their success. He is truly selfless. 


Salim ventured into entrepreneurship with nothing but the desire to make a difference in the lives of other people. He has worked to gain all the relevant skills to help him navigate his way through e-commerce. For a very competitive field, you have to know what you are doing to excel. Salim put a lot of effort into learning everything about the industry. He was determined to succeed. The more he dived into this new world, the more he “realized that life is like a video game.” Salim believes that you have all you need to start your journey and change your course. He taught himself and has seen great success in the digital marketing space. 

Pure Freedom

Being able to work on his terms gives him freedom. Entrepreneurship has been his vehicle for achieving freedom. He thrives in helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed. Having the freedom to do what he wants and impact others is “something worth more than any amount of money,” he says. 

To achieve success, sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone and work hard towards our dreams. Salim has been able to have the freedom that he yearned for and follow his passion. To learn more about what Salim is currently doing, connect with him here.