Email Marketing Expert Parikchhit Basent Shares his Advice for Success at a Young Age

In a world of possibility and opportunity at our fingertips, the sudden success of younger individuals has become a more prominent presence in our society. So what can we learn and take away from the next generation of innovators? Meet Parikchhit Basnet, Founder of Mint Ave Inc, the young entrepreneur has built a 6 figure empire from carving his own niche into the world of email marketing. These are his biggest tips for success at an early age. 

Raise Your Standards 

According to Parikchhit when you stop tolerating the things around you and understand that you deserve better, you will do anything and everything to not break that standard. His life changed when he was forced to raise his standards as the people around him started growing at a rapid pace. It’s also important to have a good circle of influence around you, as the closest people to you start to win it will encourage you and motivate you to do the same. 

 Think Bigger

 Parikchiit Basnet believes most people think too small and sell themselves short. One mantra he lives by and forms his social circles is the importance of surrounding yourself with people who aim and think as big as you do. As you expand your mind and thinking, you will start thinking bigger and eventually achieving bigger and better things. If the mind can see and believe, it can achieve it. 

 Take Ownership 

 The problem most young entrepreneurs face tends to be the “victim mentality”. It’s a toxic mindset of playing the victim with every situation you encounter rather than trying to figure it out. As an entrepreneur, you have to take responsibility for everything that is going on in your business and the actions of your team members. When you blame others, point fingers, and victimize yourself, you lose power and are subconsciously telling yourself that you are not in control. Taking responsibility allows you to be in control of your life and reach accordingly through life’s situations. 

 Develop Skills 

 A lot of ambitious kids who get into business chase money first rather than improve their skills in the long run. This inadvertently impedes their growth as an entrepreneur and within their goals. One thing Parikchhit did correctly was focus on developing skills when he first started his entrepreneurship journey which helped him a lot in the long run as those skills are what helped him start his own profitable business. Now, he can start a marketing business and make it profitable faster than the average person because of the skills he’s acquired over the years.

 Be Patient 

You have to understand that to become successful, you have to play the long game. It seems as everyone wants success fast nowadays without realizing that true success requires time, patience, and a lot of work. You have to respect the process and the periods of time where you will suck. We’ve grown to be so accustomed to instant gratification but that ruins our thinking, making us think success in business is easy and fast when in reality it’s the exact opposite. So stop comparing your timeline to others and focus on your lane and do it with persistence.