Dr. Parham Yashar: Rising as One of the Finest Neurosurgeons in Los Angeles

Physicians are working to improve their patient-provider communication skills as the healthcare industry focuses on better patient experiences and satisfaction. Doctor’s empathy, a somewhat enigmatic trait that few medical professionals grasp, is at the heart of these efforts. It can have an impact on patient treatment results in addition to boosting patient satisfaction. 

According to studies, patients who consider their doctors to be more empathic recover faster and have fewer violent symptoms. Dr. Parham Yashar is one such doctor who firmly believes in this ideology and prioritizes their patients’ comfort over everything. 

Dr. Yashar’s medical journey goes a long way back when he got into a medical magnet program in Van Nuys high school. Pursuing medicine and assisting people to live a better healthy life became his lifelong goal, leading him to the Feinberg school of medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. After finishing medical school, Dr. Yashar completed an internship in surgery at Montefiore Medical Center. He became a double board-certified neurosurgeon sincere completing his residency and fellowship. Dr. Yashar is double-board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery in Neurosurgery as well as in CNS Endovascular Surgery. 

Dr. Yashar has established himself as a premier neurosurgeon in the Los Angeles, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita regions since completing his fellowship and residency. Because of his extensive experience, interest, and accomplishments in Spine, Brain, and Neuro-Interventional procedures, Dr. Yashar is a highly skilled and exceptional Neurosurgeon who focuses on all aspects of the field of Neurosurgery, with a particular emphasis on both Spinal Surgery and Interventional Neurosurgical Procedures.

Dr. Yashar gained popularity in the surroundings of Southern California, specifically in West LA and Beverly Hills, due to his own neurosurgery office, Yashar Neurosurgery. He left his running neurosurgical practice and started Yashar Neurosurgery only to fulfill his goal following his own ideology. Dr. Yashar’s ability to provide the greatest medical and neurosurgical therapy to his patients is highly essential to him. He has made it a point to devote his professional life to any patient who has sought his attention and professional expertise.

“I have always been dedicated and relentless in my pursuit of perfection,” Dr. Yashar shares, “Throughout life, I have taken the path less traveled. I am constantly learning from every experience, both positive and negative experiences, as well as learning more about my field daily to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, technologies, and treatments.”

Dr. Yashar’s aspirations and goals are to become a well-known neurosurgeon for patients all over the world and be able to provide neurosurgical care to anybody who needs it and travels to Los Angeles. He aims to become a leader in the eyes of the media when it comes to queries and conversations about neurosurgical problems.