Does Losing WeighActually Make You Healthy? Nutritionist Alisia Essig Explains Why Eating Meat Sparingly and Eating More Whole Plant Foods is the Key to True Health

Here’s the truth: There is no magic bullet, secret pill, or quick fix to health. There is a reason why 95 percent of diets fail. You can’t lose 20 pounds in one week and have it last when you go back to your regular eating patterns. It would be great if you could buy your way to health and well-being, but sadly that is not how it works. 

We are constantly bombarded with increasingly sensational claims to get fit and lose weight. And there is no quick fix, because over 70 million adults in the US are obese.  And sadly, just three easy payments of $49.97 of supplements or a diet regimen will solve the obesity epidemic. These sensational marketing messages have distorted our sense of what it really takes to be healthy. We have lost sight of the simple but profound fundamentals of true health. 

Alisia was tired of it all after finding herself rushing to the ER to see her 37 year old husband suffering a stroke. They had just been following one of those latest trendy diets–a macro-based plan. Both she and her husband had lost weight from counting their macros, but what she didn’t realize is that at the same time it had put her husband at a greater risk of stroke. And now, they were paying the consequences. The stroke affected her husband’s vision for 5 months. He couldn’t drive, he struggled working, and they had to provide for 6 little children who were all 8 years and younger. 


These reckless messages to lose weight quickly schemes that are centered around eating processed protein bars and animal protein can help in the short-term but can significantly derail your health in the long-term. After experiencing the consequences first hand, Alisia decided to start a company to take it back to the basics. She helps her clients clear the clutter and bring focus to the core food fundamentals that matter to all of our short and long-term health. 

Anybody can easily implement the principles she teaches and see improvements in their health. It is found in the power of plant-based eating. It has been proven that a plant-based diet is one of the more effective ways to feel better now, AND live longer later. Sticking to eating meat sparingly and eating more fruits and vegetables can truly revolutionize your life. 

You may have heard that you can achieve health and find your optimal body size if you just count calories and exercise. Well, that may work for some temporarily, however, the key to long-term health is eating enough FIBER. And sadly only 5 percent of Americans are reaching the daily minimum fiber requirements. Fiber only comes from plants–which means you need to eat more WHOLE plant foods. But it is a double edge sword because eating too many plants too fast can cause a lot of gas and bloating. That is why Alisia and her team at PlantWhys have developed meal plans, courses and coaching that help ease the bloat as you adjust to a plant-based diet

Alisia has created a  5-day mini-course to help anyone easily add more plants to their diet without even trying. In this course, she explains how to easily eat more plants so you can have more energy and less cravings–without spending hours in the kitchen. She also explains how to see past dietary trends so you can recognize fads and fiction. Balancing your hormones is a hot topic right now and Alisia explains how cutting down on dairy can help manage your hormone levels. But most importantly, she shares how eating meat sparingly can decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Some people can adjust their lifestyle on their own by learning these important truths, however, most people struggle with consistency. These principles are basic–nothing groundbreaking. It is how our ancestors ate for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite the popular Paleo trend, research shows that early humans actually survived–day in and day out–off of plants, and ate meat sparingly when it was available. It is something that is inherently natural for our bodies, but it can be an adjustment when you are accustomed to eating a particular way. This is why Alisia offers uniquely formulated Meal Plans for those who want to try transitioning to plant-based meals with minimal side effects. 

It can get overwhelming to tackle the goal of trying to be in a way that is positive for our bodies. At times, it can seem like there are many things to tackle at one–exercise, diet, etc. The truth is that you only have to master a few things, however, you have to do those few things thousands of times. 

That is where the Plantwhys Empowered by Plants group coaching program comes in. They help individuals with consistency, support, and accountability. Most people feel some anxiety when changing their diet. In fact, it can be argued that changing your diet can be harder than changing your religion. And that is why having someone hold your hand through the process every step of the way for over half a year. And the best part is that you can do this without turning your lifestyle upside down.

Empowered by Plants helps individuals improve gut health, fertility, and athletic performance. It is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that helps you lay off those processed foods and dairy items you crave. With Alisia Essig by your side, you will be able to eat more plants and consume less processed items, meat, and dairy. “Empowered by Plants” is a 6-month course featuring self-made goals, lessons, cooking classes, videos, and even two amazing fitness and meditation programs under its wing. In the program, you interact with amazing dietitians and health consultants. Group calls aren’t the only benefits; Alisia even offers cooking classes and one-on-one sessions that keep you committed with all the support you need!


With all the unnecessary dietary noise and fluff removed–you can finally see what truly matters to long-term health. What really works? The fundamentals in health focus on consistency instead of intensity. It is not about going on a diet to lose weight quickly. Long-term health is about small consistent actions of eating meat sparingly and eating whole plant foods. And over time those consistent actions compound into true health as you significantly lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

Alisia Essig is a Holistic Plant-Based Nutritionist. You can follow Alisia on Instagram or check out her blog for free tips and tricks in trying to eat more whole plant foods so that you too can unlock the secrets to longevity. Check out her free guide, “18 Easy Ways to Add More Plants to Your Diet.”