Do You Want More Car for Your Money? Eddie Lopez Has the Answer

Buying a car should be an exciting time. More often than not, however, this isn’t the case.  With pushy car salesmen trying to sell cars they want off their lots that don’t suit your needs, or pricing their vehicles so high that you have to remortgage your home just so that you can buy yourself a vehicle to get you from A to B. What if I told you that you never have to go through this nightmare? Well, if you visit Eddie Lopez at Excel Auto Group, I promise you never have to again.

Starting to sell cars right out of high school, Eddie quickly rose to success. Upon being offered a job with BMW, Eddie became one of their youngest client advisors in the US. “My gift of gab allowed me to really get to know my customers and that’s what allowed me to rise through the ranks,” Eddie says.  Shortly after, Eddie was ranked within the top 200 salesmen in the country and received many sales awards. It wasn’t until a client approached him about assisting

with buying a competitor vehicle for his mother though that Eddie saw a bigger possibility, both for himself and his clients.  

After helping his client acquire a great deal on a Lexus, Eddie saw that it was impractical to not be leveraging his extensive network and limit his business dealings solely to BMWs. So, with that thought, Excel Auto Group was born. “I decided to start a brokerage company where I could go even further to assist clients with great deals on their new automobiles,” Eddie says. And word quickly spread, with Eddie’s first celebrity client being Power Radio’s DJ Envy entrusting him with the purchase of his first Ferrari. 

With many more people walking through his doors, Eddie realized that there was another pain point he could easily solve for his customers – insurance. “As I started to grow into my role and expand the business, I realized insurance was important to my auto sales background, so I decided to get licensed and open up an insurance agency to better provide for my clients,” he says. Essentially, Eddie and h is team are able to provide their clients with the full-service; picking out the car, handling the approval and delivery process, insuring the car for them, and making it a joyful experience from start to finish. Excel Auto Group even provides an array of leasing services to suit any financial situation, and they now have offices in both NJ and Florida. 


Here are 3 reasons why you want to use Eddie as your auto broker for your next vehicle purchase: 

  1. NOT TIED TO ONE DEALER: Whether you’re looking to buy your next soccer-carpool-mobile or a flashy treat-yourself-ride, Eddie has got something for you.  Committing themselves to always providing for their clients, the Excel Auto Group differs by ensuring you will never have to deal with the hassle of dealer to dealer sales tactics again.  Having access to all makes and model vehicles, the team will provide you with straight-forward information and pricing, and work with you to ensure you are purchasing your perfect match. At Excel Auto Group, you really do get more car for your money.
  2. SAVE TIME: We all know, time is money. You won’t have to worry about spending long hours at the dealership. The last thing you want to do is have to take time off of work or spend the weekend filling out paperwork. Eddie does everything for you and all you need to worry about is where to sign and when the car is ready. This will put you at ease and not have to deal with any stress or loss time. 
  3. SAVE MONEY: Let’s face it, buying a car is stressful but can also be costly if done incorrectly. Eddie knows exactly what questions to ask, what deals to look for to ensure you are not getting ripped off, but also that you are getting the best deal possible. 

If you want to learn more about Eddie and get more car for your money, check out Eddie on Instagram @eddie_thecarguy or visit his website.