“Disrupting the Hospitality Industry” — Discover How Young Entrepreneur Javed Vayid Is Boosting Hotel Revenues with His Brands and Concepts

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true. Just a year ago, a vibrant young Mauritian dynamo, bubbling with dreams and an indomitable spirit to conquer, landed in Dubai with nothing but his boundless ambition.

Fast forward a year later, he has become the toast of the town, signing deals with leading brands like Nikki Beach Dubai, Caesars Palace Dubai, Sofitel Dubai Palm, and Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan, and drawing in thousands of people to his rip-roaring events. 

That’s Javed Vayid for you: a dynamic entrepreneur and man behind some of the city’s best events.

He is making a name for himself by demonstrating that event planning can be done in a creative and cost-effective manner, which is driving up hotel profits. His work ethic reflects his primary objective of helping hotel managers achieve their targets through the concepts and brands owned by his company.


Javed’s organized events are nothing short of a fete. His meteoric rise to success can be attributed to his unyielding determination, innovative ideas, and authentic energy – a rare quality in a city where people often strive to showcase their wealth and status.

Javed’s entrepreneurial journey began in his home country, Mauritius. He was one of the first pioneers who brought electronic music to his island by running beach clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and festivals.

Javed opened his first nightclub, LET, at the age of 28, which was later awarded as one of the “World’s Finest Clubs,” becoming the first club in Mauritius to receive this title.  

His next venture was The Irish – the best-performing pub in Mauritius, followed by the trendiest beach club on the island, the Awanam Beach Club, which attracted ten of thousands of clients since its opening last year.

After getting his success roaring with one of the country’s biggest music festivals under his event management venture, PURE Festivals,” he moved to the UAE to expand his business internationally. The sound of his triumph echoed in the UAE and made him the talk of the town. 

Starting with zero networks, Javed slowly made his place from scratch in the thriving entertainment industry of Dubai.

With his constant efforts, he secured one event at Nikki Beach Dubai and choreographed his first PURE Festival in Dubai. It featured performances by several notable musical acts, including Einmusik, Furcoat, and Joachim Pastor. 

Later, he collaborated with the Emirates’ top 10 resorts and hotels, including Sofitel Dubai The Palm, Caesar’s Palace Dubai, and Movenpick Resort Al Marjan, to organize some of the city’s most exciting events.

These events include the hottest beach parties, Nomadic Tune at Laguna Beach, Sofitel Dubai The Palm, Lariva Day at Caesar’s Palace, and many others. Because of its popularity, the Nomadic Tune event has become a must-see in Palm Jumeirah and has been featured in numerous local magazines. 

All these events garnered massive attention from the event-goers and gave a substantial boost to the revenue of their respective hotel outlets. In a very short time, Javed became known as the luxury resorts’

prime partner for being instrumental in multiplying their outlets’ existing revenue through his ravishing events and parties. 

With the success of his different brands and concepts, Javed Vayid has established himself as Dubai’s go-to festival promoter, and he is now making moves to expand his empire throughout the rest of the Emirates.  

For more information, connect with Javed Vayid on Instagram or Facebook or visit his website, Pure DXB.

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