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Charisma on Why You Should Live a Day at a Time During This COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has left most of us struggling with fear, anxiety, and worry. In fact, a recent study revealed that 45% of U.S adults admitted to suffering from worry and stress due to COVID-19. We find ourselves in troubling times. Businesses are closing, and thousands of people have lost their jobs. How do we cope in such times? According to Charisma, we deal with uncertainties by living one day at a time. 

Charisma is the owner of an online coaching platform known as 1 Day At A Time. She uses her platform to help others live happy, healthy, and confident lives. Charisma is a writer, speaker, and coach. She has dedicated her life to inspire others through advice, stories, and actions through her coaching services. Charisma has inspired hundreds of clients by empowering them to work towards creating their dream life. She encourages people to overcome their limiting beliefs and not let the fear of failure or limiting thoughts impede their progress. 

Achieving Greatness At 22 

Charisma spent time studying abroad. During her studies, she engaged in 1000+ hours of volunteering. She also stayed with 35+ host families. These experiences helped open her mind and get her out of her comfort zone. This young entrepreneur has a psychology and business degree coaching certification and her own restaurant. 

Although she is just 22, she has inspired a variety of people to lose weight, leave their home city, start a business, and even end unhealthy relationships. She has achieved this through her vlog, coaching courses, and speaking events. 

Charisma encourages her clients to commit to the life they want. The best way to achieve the life you want is to take action and be persistent with the process, 1 Day at a time. 

Living 1 Day At A Time During This Pandemic 

The changes brought about by the pandemic have taken an emotional toll. What’s worse is that most of us live in areas that have been significantly affected by the virus. The constant news of wars, COVID, political tensions, and economic crisis can send us spiraling out of control with ‘what if’ questions. But Charisma notes that by losing ourselves to worry and anxiety, we place ourselves at risk from the consequences of stress. 

The COVID-19 era is the best time for us to practice mindfulness. This mindfulness means being aware of the things beyond our control and the things that we can control. Make a plan for the things that you can control, e.g., avoid non-essential shopping, protect yourself from the epidemic, and manage what you can concerning your finances. 

Most of us were not accustomed to remote working. Isolation is something that we struggle with and can cause stress. However, living a day at a time requires you to plan out that day. Make a plan and incorporate things such as going for a morning walk, engaging in a hobby, or relaxing exercises. Most people are connecting over the internet. But make sure to connect with people who encourage you and add a positive vibe to your life. 

To Charisma, the best way to feel better in a time like this is to help others. Volunteer work helps us shift our gaze from our own lives and offers us a way to help others experiencing far worse situations. How can you help out? If you look at your community, you may discover that there is an elderly patient who needs help with groceries or medication. You can choose to be a blessing to that person by helping them out. 

Develop a Limitless Lifestyle Through Mentorship 

Although the pandemic has turned our lives upside down, we should not lose sight of reaching our highest potential. Charisma helps people develop a limitless lifestyle through mentorship. Her studies have proven to her that mentorship is the shortest route to success. As such, the young entrepreneur offers group and individualized coaching. 

But not everyone can afford a mentor. Does this mean that you will not succeed? The answer is no. You can still succeed in your journey towards becoming a better version of yourself. Charisma opened a tribe on Facebook, where she shares free resources that help people in their personal wellness goals. Still, nothing beats having a personal coach to give you tailor-made insights that will help you through life. Don’t struggle on your own. Reach out to Charisma via her website.

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