Buying Million Dollar Exotic and Foreign Cars From Instagram ? Hollywood Celebrity Car Broker Reveals All

Social media and the world of eCommerce continues to evolve and technology has given birth to a whole need breed of entrepreneurs online who leverage platforms to generate millions of dollars by posting and distributing content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. One such individual who is milking and continuing to maximize these opportunities is RD Whittington@wiresonly.

He’s not your average car salesman and isn’t selling a $99 ebook or course; from his Instagram and social media profiles- he’s selling million dollar top of the line, premier luxury vehicles.

Having been profiled in prominent publications from NY Times and Entrepreneur to being recognized on Jimmy Kimmel, Whittington continues to be a pioneer in leveraging platforms like Instagram to close deals.


Everyone is on social media, from millennials to bloomers and others alike, it’s ridiculous if someone isn’t using social media to drive awareness for their business.

” Using these free mediums, I am able to create and distribute content and selling multi-million dollar vehicles in an instant because of the amount of attention and time people spend on social media- sometimes several hours a day. Whenever I am trying to sell a car, I make sure the video tells a story and the music in the background creates some sort of emotion. Every angle and detail matters when showing the car as one specific colour or feature could influence a celebrity or an executive to make a purchase and wire money on the spot. “

“It’s important for me to take care of my clients as customer service is a huge priority. It’s different selling a car through Instagram because the buyer doesn’t have to go through the whole car buying process- it is convenient and saves them time. In addition, being the authority in Hollywood of high end luxury cars, people trust my brand and reputation when it comes to providing my clients the best.”

What has allowed him to sell millions of dollars worth of cars through Instagram ?

  1. Trust- I work with celebrities and executives who demand the best vehicles, customized to their exact needs and they want it delivered in the shortest time possible. I prioritize on delivering and getting the job done, my track record speaks for itself.
  2. Customer Service- I prioritize customer service and providing a smooth and seamless buying experience for my clients. I make the impossible possible and their dreams a reality. For example, not too long ago I only had 1 week to deliver this vehicle- a client wanted a Prevost Bus for their daughter’s ninth birthday party. It had to be completely wrapped in pink with the daughter’s name on the side and moved from Los Angeles to Manhattan to surprise the girls and take them and their parents to Six Flags.
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  4. Having Fun- Cars are my passion and my work allows me to meet interesting people. Also, charity is important for me cars help me fulfill the goal of helping people and providing resources to  change their lives and make an impact.

I believe in doing well and doing good for others, it’s how I continue to live my life.