Business Management Salary In The United States

In addition to its administrative efficiency, the business manager position is challenging and exciting. Due to the market’s higher demand for business management, everybody wants to know about business management salaries in the United States and other essential benefits.

In business management, salaries vary greatly, as there are numerous opportunities for advancement. One can excel and get an enhanced salary basis on skill level, location, and number of experience years.

According to some recent reports, the average yearly salary for business management could be $59,957 in the United States. It can be as high as $98,000 and as low as $21,000 as it varies greatly.

It is imperative to know about business management roles, their contribution to the organization’s strategies, skills that can impact their average salaries, and what things and courses would benefit this position. In this article, we will focus on various factors that can affect Business management salaries in the United States.

What does a business manager do?

Business managers supervise the team of employees to accomplish necessary tasks for the company. Primarily, a business manager is responsible for overseeing the company’s employees and their activities.

A business manager must have excellent communication and leadership qualities as they deal with people daily. They must be expert enough to monitor employees’ output while making creative plans and objectives to enhance business performance.

Business management should possess a specific set of talents and competencies that make such settings the employees frequently work. They usually have a crucial role in any business to facilitate processes, operations, and completion of projects.

They create strategic team goals to ensure deadlines and manage employees’ schedules. They work for the real success and well-being of the company and its team members. It will help drive a company’s activities and employees and direct the department’s activities.

Adopt some operational plans, carry out performance evaluations, keep an eye on all the activities, and keep the business productive and organized. Business managers invest in finding new chances to aid the company’s expansion and competitiveness in the market to achieve specific goals.

Business management works in collaboration with staff members to monitor all the projects that identify potential areas of improvement. They carry out all the managerial duties, including hiring, training development, and terminating staff members.

A business manager holds frequent one-on-one meetings with staff members that can guide you well. They establish business objectives that follow the needs of the organization. At the same time, building business strategies for the action plan to achieve specified company goals.

They also monitor and control the people and their work performance while streamlining sales and marketing procedures, which will help companies lactate and connect with the clients.

Their efforts will increase the success rate of any business by resolving conflicts, if there are any, between employees, suppliers, and clients. They adjust reports to track the company’s performance by hiring or educating new hires.

Business manager duties will vary from company to company, where they usually establish a plan, gather resources, mobilize all of them, and carry out the delivery. Additionally, they will create marketing materials and help the team lead, manage and expand a group of specialists.

There is an appropriate business unit that comments on product gaps and development that manages any business’s project budgets, billing, collections, and financial performance. They provide cost proposals for designated programs with the development of a price strategy.

Data mining is there that will help to meet the needs of monthly requirements and introduce new items to the sales force. They help with the monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that collect financial and operational data.

A business manager accurately reports expenses, results, activities, and projections. They create capture tactics for sales targets with the objectives of the practice area of a particular business model.

Business management helps to maintain the office workforce while hiring, choosing, training, orienting, and finishing the annual budget for the executive director. While managing daily activities, they focus on various vital priorities.

Creations and construction of deal criteria while effectively recruiting, managing, and directing a group of salespeople. Along with all these primary duties, we will guide you about some of the traits of a business manager.

The qualities of a business manager in the United States which can impact the salary ratio

A proper and skilled business management system is essential for successful organizations with solid management skills. To manage any business or organization, any corporation, any business manager must have the following skills:

  • Visionary
  • Communication skills
  • Organization
  • Knowledge
  • Confidence


The characteristics of an excellent manager have a clear vision with a constructive approach. They must move forward on a project as being a visionary helps them to predict desirable outcomes.

Communication skills

Business management requires extensive communication skills necessary to manage any business process. If there is any issue of inadequate communication, then the employee’s productivity may decline. Therefore, great managers must be superb communicators and effectively lead their teams.


Management comes with organizational skills to help run any business appropriately. One must avail of various online sources that will help you make personal planners that will help remind you of meetings and tasks you must complete daily.


A business manager should be knowledgeable, as knowledge is an investment that will help in someone’s personal and professional growth. Business managers have several degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in business master’s degree in leadership or project management. In addition, there is some certification in project management, entrepreneurship, and human resource management.


Effective managers must be confident about their skills, abilities, experience, and decision-making skills. Business managers should be sure enough that they can provide support to their team and have the ability to choose something best for their business.

Any industry has constant ups and downs, so an effective business manager must be able to deal with the best and worst times. Hence, a great business manager should be confident enough and lose their calm in any situation.

Is business management a good major? Does a business management job help you generate an excellent monthly income?

If anyone is interested in pursuing a career in business management, that will help to make a future with strategic decisions that can impact a company’s performance. Business management involves coordinating and organizing business activities and getting a degree in a related field will provide flexibility.

Business management comes with such a broad spectrum that it is not only about academic credentials but also allows you to pursue a career at the management level in marketing, sales, accounting, and core business areas.

Earning a business management degree is the best way to advance my career to deal with real-world challenges on a day-to-day basis. Each business program will help to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and personal qualities, along with improving your managerial skills, abilities, and understanding.

A business management course will help to prepare for a range of career opportunities in numerous leading businesses. Business management degree graduates will help pursue careers in finance, human resources, marketing, information security, and many more.

A business management degree can lead to various occupations, including a business analyst, data analyst, financial planner, accountant, or human resource manager. It helps individual and professional growth, as we see employment growth in this field.

Does anyone need a degree to become a business manager?

Suppose anyone wants to pursue a career in business management. In that case, one must know that the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics listed more than a dozen business and financial occupations that one can start with a bachelor’s degree.

The business management job market is challenging; some degree programs’ academic credentials will make you a competitive candidate in the business empire. Earning a business degree is an excellent way to ensure you understand best practices and management strategies.

Business management degrees come with an excellent opportunity to hire managers when there is any vacant situation to fill in. This specific degree illustrates to future employers the capacity to bring value to their business or organization, and the degree will improve your marketability and value.

How to become a business manager?

Job qualification concerns a person’s relevant work history, educational background, and technical skills. Each business has its own set of rules and requirements for being in any business management position.

Some employers will demand a bachelor’s degree in business, closely related to discipline, whereas some companies will require a master’s in business. One should choose the program that aligns with your educational and professional goals, skills, skills, and personal traits.

Usually, institutes offer well-respected degree programs in management which are Bachelor’s or Master’s in Business management. After gaining some experience and academic credentials, there are opportunities to develop leadership capacity; the candidates may consider a master’s program direction.

Without professional business management experience, people must pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management. While pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Management, one can handle daily challenges for a future career.

Some organizations offer managerial positions, and the qualifications may depend on technical proficiency, academic success, leadership abilities, and years of experience. The recommended capabilities may be public when applying for a job, so one must consider all the requirements and rules.

What a business management degree can teach someone?

One can learn many skills in a business management degree program that one can learn directly in today’s business atmosphere. A related degree will enhance critical thinking, administrative management, mathematical reasoning, budgeting, forecasting, and project management. Moreover, it will depend on your area of focus, which will help you excel in the specific field.

Business Management Bachelor’s vs. Master’s

It is essential to know the difference between a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in Business Management, as this decision can significantly impact existing academic backgrounds and the future.

If anyone still needs a bachelor’s degree, they will go for the bachelor’s degree programs. On the other hand, individuals with bachelor’s degrees and some experience will go for a Master’s degree, which will help to pursue higher-level management and leadership positions.

Bachelor’s programs are there to prepare fresh graduates for entry-level roles, whereas master-level programs will focus on leadership-oriented positions.

It is a crucial decision to choose between bachelor’s or Master’s business management degree programs, so one should analyze their academic history, recent experience, career goals, future objectives, and prospects and then opt for the degree program that one feels will work best for one.

Factors that affect the business manager’s salary in the United States

A wide range of factors can affect a business manager’s salary in the United States. These factors may involve education, skills, job role, years of experience, and much more; we will guide you about some of the factors below.

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Job role
  • Specialized courses in business management


The proper education will help to maximize your earning by helping you get a decent position in the business sector. Any individual with four years of bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or marketing will make them find the best regarding their future in business management.

An education degree will open up doors for you in the best available companies on the market. Additionally, it will help enhance your skills appropriately while adding extra points to excel in this management field.

One should enroll in different technical courses to upgrade their skills. Various educational credentials with some work experience will bring chances of higher salary with many other prospects. Companies usually choose a master’s degree holder over a bachelor’s one.


If any individual has a mixture of business management skills, with significant exposure and positions, they will have chances of a high salary. Business management is diverse and dynamic, which will help to master leadership, development, and implementing strategies with excellent high-paying positions.

The corporate world constantly changes, so one needs to upskill themselves regularly. With innovative skills, one could become an asset to the business. Employers usually select candidates who can add value to their interaction with some creative skills.

People typically think that individuals working in business management come with innate leadership qualities. It may be true that people with leadership skills have more scope in this field; however, there are some soft skills that any individual can learn.

By learning some soft skills, any individual gets the idea of taking a risk, and learning from the failure, evoking a sense of self-awareness and giving the ability when to control and when to delegate. Learning specific skills will ensure success in business management as they guide you to learn effective time management, the power to prioritize essential tasks, and meet business goals.


Business management closely relates to experience with several years in a particular field. With expertise in this specific field, you will get the more dynamic and competent you want to be.

If you expect any outstanding package, you must get more than ten years of experience in the business management industry. The experience with exposure will rank you ahead of your competitors and help you get the higher package.

Job role

While applying to any company, remember that previous job descriptions will play a vital role in determining your salary. The current quotation of wages will depend on your organization’s role and performance.

Companies choose business managers among highly experienced and dynamic candidates. If you are doing better at your job and managing the situation, you can look at an excellent pay scale as a Business manager.

Specialized courses in business management

Several certificate courses will help develop risk management, leadership, budgeting, and more skills. Many more online business management courses and certificate programs will ensure a competitive edge and help highlight someone’s particular area of expertise and enhance the resume.

Business management training will help to deepen the understanding of leadership in any organization. Even some advanced business management training programs, relevant resources, and tools will help to enhance your knowledge and keep the business more secure.

It is a fantastic way to gain knowledge and skills for a specific job through certification, and much more valued in recent eras. Certificate programs are the simplest way to earn some competitive advantage and a fantastic opportunity to boost your career in business management.

Exclusive business management online courses will make individuals meet the particular demands of the growing business market. They are equipping the employees with the knowledge and skills to attract the right opportunities and high wages.

Such courses are precious as they highlight the essential aspects, including business strategy and different types of leadership. The knowledge of roles and responsibilities will build blocks for career success for employers and contributors as employers value individuals with more solid skills and values regarding any business.

Business management salary entry-level

If someone is a fresher or a job seeker with almost no experience or less than one year of experience in the corporate world, the average annual income could be $60,078. Three years of experience is usually the minimum requirement for any business manager post in the United States.

Earning a degree in business management is the top choice one can make for a bright future. Primarily, industries seek the skills, knowledge, and expertise along with the knowledge one can get from taking a bachelor’s degree in business management.

The average business management salary at entry-level is $47,857 annually, around $23 per hour. The national average entry-level management salary in the United States could be $32,500 to $60,000.

Bachelors in business management have many career options after completing an academic program. Here we will guide you about the wages of some business management programs: (These calculations are from a survey in 2021)

  • Sales manager with a maiden salary of $127,490
  • Financial analyst $95,570
  • Management analyst $93,000
  • Cost estimator $65,170

We will guide you with other potential jobs suitable for graduates in Business management programs.

  • Arbitrator
  • Actuarial analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Forensic accountant
  • Stockbroker
  • Insurance underwriter

We will guide you through ten cities where the salary of a business manager entry-level job would be above the national average. For instance, San Francisco and CA beats the national average by $7,253, and Green River, WY, tends another $13,556 above the norm.

Here is the list of ten cities with average salaries higher than the national average. The opportunities for economic advancement come by changing location as a Business manager entry level that could yield many fruitful results.

The average salary between these cities varies slightly among them with wage advancement. The other factor we consider here could be the lower cost of living.

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wages
Green River, WY $61,413 $5,117 $1,181 $29.53
Santa Clara, CA $56,624 $4,718 $1,088 $27.22
San Francisco, CA $55,110 $4,592 $1,059 $26.50
Washington, DC $54,671 $4,555 $1,051 $26.28
Los Angeles, CA $53,911 $4,492 $1,036 $25.92
Fremont, CA $53,895 $4,491 $1,038 $25.91
Jersey City, NJ $53,829 $4,485 $1,035 $25.88
Marysville, WA $53,245 $4,437 $1,023 $25.60
Bridgeport, CT $52,590 $4,382 $1,011 $25.28
Germantown, MD $52,581 $4,381 $1,011 $25.28

What are the top five best-paying related business manager entry-level jobs in the United States?

About five entry-level jobs for Business Managers pay you more annually than any typical entry-level salary. These jobs pay between $13,175 and $39,682 more than the average business manager.

Job title Annual salary Monthly wages Weekly wages Hourly wages
Brand Strategy Entry Level $87,539 $7,294 $1,683 $42.09
Entry-level Fidelity Financial Consultant Program $82,295 $6,857 $1,582 $39.56
Entry Level Medical Device Sales Representative $62,071 $5,172 $1,193 $29.84
Remote Entry Level $62,421 $5,118 $1,181 $29.53
Medical Device Sales Representative Entry Level $61,032 $5,086 $1,173 $29.34

What could be the outcome of a Master’s in Business Management?

After earning a bachelor’s degree, anyone searching for an organization’s managerial or senior leadership level must complete a Master’s in Business Management Program. This degree program will come with several business practices, management techniques, and strategic problem-solving skills that will help them to excel in typical job roles like

  • Information system manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Healthcare administrator,
  • Supply chain manager,
  • Chartered management accountant

This specified degree prepares students for leadership roles, making them jump from entry-level roles and get more senior-level positions. Earning this degree will help you to set the path to achieve your desired career.

Earning a degree is a considerable investment of time, finances, and effort to make it a professional business manager. It will help you to make them a well–rounded professional for an exciting or challenging career.


We have explained all the factors affecting business management salaries in the United States. Remember the demand of the present job market in business management; several aspects must be considered, including qualifications, skills, and experience.

Top of all, earning a business management degree will bring with you all resources and people available to you and get success in the future. Develop a close relationship with your professional peers, as it could be an investment for the future.

The business manager position is not for freshers; therefore, four years bachelor’s degree is insufficient and needs a lot of exposure to get the serving roles in any organization. How much does business management make a year? And the answer is around $47,857, but as we know, it depends on various factors, including location.

Business management salary varies in different companies as candidates must be duly experienced and have ample exposure rather than just serving roles in any company. Business managers in the United States can look at a 40-hours workweek that extends beyond formal responsibilities.