Billy Batt’s Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Skyrocket Your Reach Through his “Get Your Appointment” Software

Do you use Click Funnels to generate leads? Or do you want to create high converting landing pages with the ability to turn potential leads into buyers? That is a good thing. “Get Your Appointment” is like click funnels on steroids and is one of the most straightforward marketing software in the market. It helps bring people through a series of specific pages and then turn those same people into valuable conversions for your business. 

Billy Batt is the founder and owner of Chrome leads. He helps entrepreneurs generate leads through assisting entrepreneurs to connect to their audience while boosting their digital marketing through Get Your Appointment and landing pages that convert. Besides, he is also the Chief marketing officer at

Pace Social Media. Billy has worked in the sales business for more than half a decade. The digital expert uses various marketing techniques with a signature process to increase conversions. Billy works with a strong team that serves their clients, attaining 100% of customer satisfaction. 

The 10X ambassador is on a mission to help people hit $100,000,00 in closed contracts by 2024. Are you part of his dream? Then this is what you need to know about click funnels.

Are Sales Funnel Important?

Every business has a sales funnel. Why? Because every business is trying to turn visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. These funnels are the path that customers take to purchase from interested prospects to converted customers. Therefore you need to craft your funnel intentionally. However, statistics show that 68% of companies and businesses have not identified their sales funnel. 

Billy helps you create a sales funnel that converts like crazy. He achieves this goal by optimizing your sales funnel, helping you convert more prospects and build a more successful business. 

Creating A Landing Page With Get Your Appointment

One way of creating potential leads into buyers is through creating high converting landing pages with Get Your Appointment. Billy helps you design your landing page with a capacity of receiving and converting traffic from an online marketing campaign. But how do you create a lead capture landing page with ClickFunnels?

  1. Create a new funnel preferable to an email funnel. 
  2. Choose a landing page and allow Get Your Appointment to create an email landing page. 
  3. Choose a template and customize it to match your business needs. Your email landing page will make clients see when they visit your funnel. 
  4. Customize your landing pages. 
  5. You can design the landing page according to your liking. 

Your email funnel will generate primary email or messenger leads by capturing the customer’s email addresses and building your list. 

Connect, Generate & Fuel


  • Connect With Your Audience

As an entrepreneur, you need to have simple funnels that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information so they can connect to you and generate new leads. You can follow up these leads again and again even when your visitors leave your page. Get Your Appointment is an essential tool that brings visibility to every phase of connecting. Therefore it would help you if you created engaging content consumable by your audience. Click Funnels also help users to test new funnels fast. 


  • Generate, Nature And Capture Leads

Billy will help you generate new leads that you can connect with often. You will also have to leverage your marketing tactics to capture more leads. 


  • Fuel Your Marketing Effort

You can now integrate your Get Your Appointment into your marketing strategy. ClickFunnels is an amazing sales funnel tool to use for your business. 

Final Thoughts

For any business to be sustainable, lead generation is a crucial instrument. Therefore, creating a lead generation website is highly recommended for you to get quality and persistent leads continuously. You will drive targeted traffic to your pages. Try these practices while developing a great landing page and see customers respond to offers and skyrocket your business to a whole new level. 

It is worth noting that there are a lot of moving parts in managing, planning, and creating suitable content that aligns with your business initiatives. That’s why Billy’s team helps you develop and implement a complete content marketing strategy which includes email newsletter, blog posts, guest-contributed content and gated content. 

You can connect to Billy Batt today and experience a whole new experience in propelling your reach through Get Your Appointment