Benefits of Product Customisation

In today’s date, all consumers want their purchases to feel like it was specifically made for them. The days of compromises in terms of colours and styles have been long gone. If a customer fails to find the perfect sneakers in one place, he/she would not shy away to check out other retailers. Not to mention, there are tons of them. A few years ago, the idea of customization was only limited to things like mugs, photo frames/collages, and mobile cases/skins.

Back in the day, it was fascinating to have your own or close one’s picture printed on smartphone cases. People used to request personalized mugs or photo collages in brick and mortar stores. But now, customization is turned into a major tool for online businesses as well and is also available for many different categories of products. People in the US use custom koozies as a tool for promoting their business.

What is Product Customization?

Product customization/personalization refers to customizing products for your consumers as per their liking and desire. Customers are free to reach out to an independent merchant to make certain customization or directly ask the retailer to do so when they are making a purchase. Some examples are world-famous shoe brands like Adidas and Nike. These brands offer tons of customization options based on the specific preferences of their consumers.


Benefits of Product Customization

In the modern e-commerce world, product personalization/customization has become a crucial tool among retailers of all types. Many companies use custom Popsockets in order to market their brand and business. Here, we’ve listed some benefits of incorporating product customization in your retail business.

1. Increase Sales, Obviously

We’ve all been in a situation when something is on our mind but any retailer’s offerings don’t reflect what you want. This is when customization options play an important role. If you provide customization options, people who aren’t happy with the colour or style can request a change by clicking just a few options on your online website. This doesn’t only keep them satisfied but also increases sales drastically.

2. People Just Like It

There is no doubt that product personalization has been highly popular among all types of businesses, especially the ones that involve apparel. According to a study, more than 36% of consumers prefer buying custom-made goods if the website mentions that option. On top of this, people are willing to pay 20% more for personalization and are okay with waiting longer for that same. This is not just people who like/prefer customization, it’s because every consumer’s emotions are attached to the product that wants to customize. Even a kid feels special when he finds that his name is printed on his socks or school bag.

3. Gives You an Edge Against Other Retailers

There is a reason why most popular brands don’t shy away from offering customization options on as much merchandise as possible. This is not only to increase profit but also to keep up with the competition. For new businesses who want to gain a reputation quickly, offering product customization is surely a bold choice. This will give your new audience a selection of features that they might be expecting from other premium brands.

4. Convince Customers to Pay More

In addition to selling more products and increasing customer satisfaction, a product configurator can help encourage customers to spend more on a single product. For example, people who are looking for an ideal and comfy chair, bed, or sofa with proper customizable options will not make their purchase for something basic or boring as these items take a lot of space. When you offer all needed customization options on these products, they feel happier about finding something they want instead of having much concern about the price.

5. Improves Customer Loyalty

Custom items are a great way to win your customer’s hearts as they feel more happy buying from companies that facilitate some control over their purchases. The best example right in front of us is the fast-food chain “Subway” which has been in the food industry for a long time. People don’t just love eating there because it tastes good or it’s healthy. It’s because they offer full control to their customers regarding which vegetables and sauces they want in their meal. The same goes for other products as well. Regardless of what you sell, when consumers have a positive review for your online product customizers, they’ll surely return to their favourite place again and might as well recommend it to their friends and families.


6. Improve the Knowledge of What Consumers Want

At this point, customization doesn’t only remain a tool to increase sales, it becomes much more than that. The data about what people are creating on your website by themselves can give more insights into your customer’s desires. Based on what features consumers select for their favourite products, you can create personal product recommendations for them and other consumers as well. These recommendations are very much likely to appeal to the preferences for their future purchase.

What Did We Learn?

Product customization is no longer what it used to be a few years ago. Back in the day, customization was mainly done on things like mugs, photo collages, smartphone skins, etc. In this modern e-commerce era, product customization/personalization has become one of the most essential tools to stand out from the rest. People love to buy something that reflects their sense of self or characteristics that define them. Today, you personalize everything from your shoes, jewellery, your gaming peripherals to your Tesla model.

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