Usman Aslam

Usman Aslam is a writer, researcher and strategist working on the latest technologies and making an impact. Usman has been heavily focused on building communities and empowering people for the last 3+ years. He has operated as a marketeer, strategist, content developer, ambassador, director for many notable names such as IEEE Region 10, TEDx, Google Developers, United Nations Programmes and much more. Apart from that, he has founded a digital library powered by Peace & Justice Network called DISCOVER. He currently serves Google Developers Group Cloud as it's Strategic Lead and is a Microsoft Student Partner for Pakistan region whilst leading Microsoft Student Partners - Islamabad.

Game changing companies & startups of the digital era

The Digital Era promises to be a time full of innovation and accessibility for people at all levels. However, very few companies have been focusing on solving the critical problems of the world. With the rise of new advancements, these particular startups and companies have been focusing on overcoming the recent challenges and making the…