Arsalan Azmi A Tech Entrepreneur Changing The Dynamics Of The Tech Start-up Sphere!

Arsalan Azmi is a young entrepreneur, programmer and a computer scientist, contributing to the tech scene, developing technologies and enabling startups to succeed in today’s competitive market, making their ideas come to reality by providing absolute finesse using his expertise in the tech industry, familiarity with trending technologies and his phenomenal programming skills.

Arsalan started his entrepreneurship career at the age of 15, when he launched his first app Adorbx, an all-in-one app that focused on privacy and security when it was first published but now also has features, which enable users to do much more, gained a huge userbase and a vast amount of clout after being featured on the first page of Google Play Store and other respected news outlets like ETV and Clout News.

After the success of Adorbx, he had many opportunities awaiting for him in the pipeline, with many investors ready to invest into the individual and his company Arxiz, a tech company that currently focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and development in Web and Mobile.

His portfolio includes companies like Prestige Perfections, Clout News, Lifewill, Entrepreneur Magazine, Times of India, and many other market leaders.

Arsalan also believes in Open Source and regularly contributes to the OSS community on GitHub. His contributions are live on his repository on GitHub. When asked what it takes to succeed in the tech scene, Arsalan always exclaims “Just Begin”, as in order to go big, you have to start somewhere, take action and keep it up.