Are You A Public Speaker? Here’s How to Generate Irresistible Levels of Rapport Whenever You Want, With Marion Cain III

Before your audience listens to you, you must build rapport throughout your presentation. Telling stories, walking into the crowd, and asking questions are just a few of the most impactful ways of doing this. However, there is more to generating irresistible levels of rapport than most speakers know. CEO and bestselling author Marion Cain knows from years of experience in public speaking that the essential aspect of building rapport is in the mental and physical state, which communicates a positive attitude and energy to your audience. He calls it, “Finding Your It” and believes that “even if you hate public speaking or look and sound awkward talking in front of the camera, you can make a greater impact and skyrocket your influence.” Cain, or The Kharisma Coach

, as he is popularly known, has also trained over 1,250 people, teaching them how to dominate the stage whenever they are doing podcasts, negotiations, and personal interactions. In this article, we look into Cain’s ways of building irresistible rapport with your audience. 

How Important is Rapport?

Rapport forms the basis of meaningful, close, and harmonious relationships between people. It’s the sense of connection that you get when you meet someone you like and trust, and whose point of view you understand. It’s the bond that forms when you discover that you share one another’s values and priorities in life. The ability to get into deep levels of rapport makes the difference between an okay public speaker and an irresistible one. Here’s how you can build irresistible rapport with anyone whenever you want.

Find Your It

If you struggle with feelings of low self-worth, you may have a challenge finding your best self and consequently also have difficulty building rapport. You will wrongly believe that other people are better than you, and perhaps that you do not deserve to be in communication with them. Marion Cain teaches entrepreneurs to think that they are worthy of sharing their ideas, challenge ideas that are incongruent with their belief system, and banter with others. If you want to learn the skill of building rapport with anyone, you must first examine how you esteem or view yourself. If you are not getting the results you deserve, it would help if you asked for help from someone who has been there and done that. Marion Cain has spent years learning and developing one ethical secret to winning over any audience. “When your body, mind, and tonality are perfectly in sync, you’ll say the right things at the right time with the right movements to make any crowd love you, buy from you and promote you.”  

Identify With Your Audience 

According to science, we prefer people whom we perceive to be just like ourselves. By making yourself more like the other person, it is easier to build rapport. This practice is referred to as mirroring and matching. How you do this is about more than just what you say. Speaking only accounts for a small part of how we communicate about emotions or attitudes. The more significant part is dependent on the nature of your voice, but the most vital part of human communication. So, to build rapport, watch the other person’s body language, including gesture, posture, and expression. According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the

most effective way to establish rapport is by matching the other person’s speech patterns, such as tone, tempo, and volume.

If you want to influence your audience and cause them to take action, you must begin with building rapport. The most effective public speakers begin by creating rapport, building trust, and then conclude by influencing their audience. Influence can never precede trust, and confidence cannot be achieved without rapport.