“Anything Is Possible, as Long as You Believe In Yourself” – Dr. Carlton Calhoun

Dr. Carlton Calhoun wants to inspire people to believe in themselves. He feels that anything is possible for everyone as long as they believe in themselves, speak life over their lives (mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially), and constantly be good to other people. Thus, since Carlton is a strong believer of this opinion, he claims that everyone deserves a second chance to live because, at some point or the other, we all make mistakes. As a result, he has made it his mission to help people discover the best version of themselves. 


While Carlton has achieved a lot of success in terms of acquiring quality education, there were still some instances during his life where he felt highly challenged. One of these occasions occurred when he realized the existing potential in the financial markets. It was at this time when he grasped the importance of having financial education, even though he lacked it. Thus, together with the help of his business partner and mentor, Carlton shifted his focus towards trading and investing in September of 2019. And within the first 8 months of his new journey, he was able to create an additional 6+ figure income in that area. As a result, now after exploring ways to make more money in a shorter period, Carlton is now focusing his mission on empowering others with the skills and mindset that they need in order to experience success in every area of their lives.

However, Carlton’s work was more than just helping people acquire the skill to multiply their money. As a matter of fact, it was more about transforming their mindset about money so that they can understand that money is meant to work for them, and not the other way around. This way Carlton is not only able to provide people with knowledge related to money and finances, but is also helping them earn money from the neck up, not the neck down.


Carlton summarizes all his beliefs and understanding about both money and life under one phrase, “get the universe to work for you, not against you.” And therefore, using this ideology, he is all set to transform people’s mindsets!