American Glass Artist John Moran – Breaks Glass Ceilings with PopPolitical Art and His Plans for Future

Artists often have the tendency to think out of the box and break conventions. Sometimes it is to experiment with new ideas, sometimes to challenge themselves, and sometimes to channel their philosophies through their work. In any case, art requires an artist to dare and have the courage to express their thoughts. American glass artist John Moran has been successfully doing it through his own brand of Poppolitical art. 

Decadent Decay. Photo: Evert Van Laere

Wretched Refused. Photo: Amber Vanbossel

Prey for the Sinners. Photo: Mike Van Cleven

Poppolitical art is a realm where social and political constructs are challenged through various satirical and serious demonstrations. This ideology, combined with John’s spectacular craftsmanship and choice of material – glass made him a prodigy in the community. His garnered public attention, aside from winning the third season of the Netflix glass blowing reality series,

Blown Away, opening doors worldwide for him to showcase and create his work. 

Showcasing his work has given him the opportunity to take part in prestigious artistic residencies such as MusVerre in Sars Poteries, France; the Pittsburgh Glass Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington; and many more. As part of his Blown Away Grand Prize package, John awaits his coveted artistic residency at the Corning Museum of Glass from April 3-7, 2023. 

Aside from his travels as an artist, he also religiously exhibits his work online, in galleries, and through widely popular exhibitions. Nothing less than widening his horizons in the future can be expected of an artist and enthusiast like John. His work is currently available on his website, the Shops at Corning Museum of Glass, and through his gallery Habatat Fine Art Detroit,  where he will have his Not Grandma’s Glass solo exhibition in November 2023. He believes his work and in turn, exhibitions have “continued to be better and better as I grow as an artist.”

As a man with ambitions, John also has other plans in store for the future. He says, “ I hope to reach an entirely new audience for my work. I am working towards finding a blue chip contemporary art gallery that represents fine artists, not one focused on the material. I am also working towards purchasing and building a new studio focused on the vision of my work. Most importantly, I want to outlive my life and create work that is remembered beyond my lifespan, work that touches people and inspires change.”

John Moran found solace in art as it was his passion and because he “believes art can be life-changing.” His current motivation and plans for the future are to “create work that resonates with people and opens up a means of communication and consideration.” You can follow him on Instagram and his exhibitions on his website.