Alana Parks Shares Her Insights on the Mindset of a Winner

People who have a winning mindset trust themselves and their potential, no matter how difficult their circumstances are! Moreover, they tend to have a high tolerance for frustration, and disappointment in general, and for failure in particular. And they are quick to recover from the setbacks they face as they know that this is part of the game that we call life.

A winning mindset is never handed to you just like that. You have to work for it, and it builds over time.

Alana Parks, a creative digital marketer, who founded POST Inc. in 2018, shows us by example how with a positive mindset one can achieve whatever they dream of.

There were definitely a lot of ups and downs that Alana faced in her life. In fact, even now not all is perfect in her life. Still, she genuinely believes that it’s just one of those things you have to accept when running your own business, and learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes. To quote an example from her own journey, she lost all of her clients not once but on two separate occasions. 

But that made her understand the importance of keeping her sales pipeline full. Also, Alana, like many of us, even came into issues with the IRS. But what sets her apart from most of us is her mindset. Did she find these hard lessons to learn? Yes. Does she believe it was necessary for her to learn them? 100% Yes.

Before she got into marketing she was actually a part of an MLM where she learned competitive sales. And though she was good at what she was doing, she believes she wasn’t the best. This realization made her aim for building a business that could operate on its own as she loved the creative side of marketing.

Alana Parks is of the opinion that successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and other top performers understand that the journey is the destination. You work hard to succeed, and then you work twice as hard to maintain your success. It’s a slow grind that starts with your mindset.