After Helping A Local Restaurant Achieve 4,000% ROI, Voltaire Pabustan Defines What it Really Means to Be an Entrepreneur

The term ‘entrepreneur’ has, for a long time, been used to describe a person who, with excellent and innovative ideas, identifies a hair-on-fire problem, and creates a business to solve it. While this definition might be valid, Voltaire Pabustan is of a different view. Like a few other business executives who have built their craft from the ground up, Pabustan believes that there is more to what makes an entrepreneur than just a ‘sudden insurgence of overnight successes.’

There are, of course, several types of entrepreneurs today. However, there appears to be a common characteristic defining all of them—innovation. You could factor in a thirst for work as a corresponding character, but it does not apply across the board. Today, due to the increase in the number of startups, there has risen a breed of entrepreneurs whose expertise lies in ‘teaching’ other entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. The fact that as much as 42 percent of entrepreneurs fail due to the long development time of their ideas has created a conducive environment for pseudo-entrepreneurs to thrive.

These individuals have become a disguised contributor to the downfall of many small businesses that would have otherwise become successful enterprises if only they knew better. This trend has to end. By providing information and contributing to the knowledge base about entrepreneurship, it is possible to save the small and medium-sized business industry from the influence of false entrepreneurs. Pabustan helps local businesses rise above national chains using smart, time-tested marketing techniques. His vision is to empower local businesses and fight off the sudden insurgence of overnight successes and “work from home” opportunities who have been taking advantage of local business owners. In this article, you will learn three crucial elements that define what it is to be an entrepreneur, according to Pabustan. Through this submission, you will be able to filter out the wannabes from real entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship is a Blend of Time Invested, and Experience Gained

An entrepreneur earns his/her status in the industry by investing time to gain experience in running a business. Research has it that 27 percent of entrepreneurs gain experience to run their businesses by working in their industries for a while and seeing problems firsthand. Most of the notable entrepreneurs you have heard of spent years of their life studying and practicing so that they could be as good as they are today. Take Neli Patel, for instance. He had to learn marketing by himself after hiring a marketing agency that failed to deliver. In the end, he ended up acquiring skills and knowledge that have fueled his success. That is the real test of an entrepreneur.

As for Pabustan, he had to invest heavily into studying psychology to understand what makes people tick. He wanted to know what influences people to decide to purchase a product/service. So he got deep into the science of it all and by combining that with the nursing education that he had, Pabustan was able to piece together triggers and figuring out ways of how to read body language, get people to open up and speak about their pain points. In the end, he gained enough knowledge in the human psyche and the psychology of persuasion and influence.

After that, Pabustan figured he could try and make some money by using those skills in the sales and marketing space. The budding entrepreneur dabbled a little bit in marketing his father’s medical practice back in Northern California, which then got him introduced to some other medical practices, and he ran their marketing campaigns as well and helped drive some new patients for them. That is how Pabustan ended up building one of the most renowned digital marketing agencies.

You’ve Got to Solve a Problem to Qualify as an Entrepreneur

The most notable entrepreneurs are those who come up with the right solution to a hair-on-fire problem. The fact that coming up with an idea for a solution to a problem and turning it into a business is challenging makes those who succeed worth the respect of an entrepreneur. When Pabustan was starting his business, he wanted to create a one-stop-shop for marketing and an agency for all local businesses to be able to access all of the different services that they would need: from video production to software to full advertising campaigns and everything in between. So instead of hiring five or six different agencies in their respective service areas, companies could hire his agency. Pabustan made sure that he had everything that his prospect customers wanted under one roof. Since his company’s inception, Pabustan and his team have strived not to be the company that lags in certain areas for lack of sufficient bandwidth or the capacity to handle the specific needs of their clients. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They’ve hired the best to make sure that their clients get the best as well, and they work alongside the agency as partners, not necessarily as clients. That, to Pabustan, has been the most critical test of his will and innovation as an entrepreneur.

The Evidence of Entrepreneurial Success is Results

The goal of every entrepreneur is to succeed. In business, success is measured in results achieved. That is why Pabustan believes that the evidence of entrepreneurial success is quantifiable results. As an agency, Pabustan and his team have built out brands from the ground up, and they have worked with a lot of small businesses and multiplied their ROI a thousandfold. For example, they were able to achieve a 4,000%+ ROI for a local restaurant through a multichannel advertising campaign.


Pabustan was able to grow and scale his company to handle the fulfillment of many clients with specialized niches and also handle the needs of local businesses that didn’t have the expertise or the tools or the education to know how to market themselves. Since his parents were both small business owners, Pabustan felt compelled to carry on that tradition and help other local business owners thrive by doing their marketing and helping them acquire more customers, more leads, and ultimately more sales.

As a business owner, he is familiar with the process of building a company and balancing that with personal life. Pabustan is here to alleviate some of the burdens that business owners have so they can keep their business running while spending time with their family, having more time to themselves, or getting that freedom that they work so hard for.