9 Modern Techniques for Successful Content Marketing

When you are looking to increase your web traffic or SEO there’s a lot of talk about content. “Write quality content,” they say. But is it more complicated than that? It doesn’t have to be. There are companies like Nelson Internet Marketing to help you along the way, double-checking your content and keeping your company in the public eye.

If you aren’t sure how to keep your content great there are many things you can do. You want your content to be successful, and if that is something you currently struggle with then keep on reading for 9 tips that can help you curate your content.

1. Make Sure Your Content Is Unique

As you are setting out to write an article or blog post, you have to ensure that your content is new and specific to the site you are writing for. If every searchable result has the same 4 pieces of advice, there really isn’t much need for you to say it again.

Figure out a unique hook, what makes your client special? There’s bound to be something you can latch on to as you write to keep it interesting. You are going to want what you write to be educational and beneficial to both your clients and the community at large. The internet is already full of fluff, don’t add to it!

2. Answer the Questions

You’ve stumbled upon some writer’s block. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. But you have to push through and create the content, so strip it down to the basics. Figure out what questions are you trying to answer. That is the best place to start with your work as you create the content.

Do you want customers to know there’s a sale? Or that your company is reliable? You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what it is, so take the time to understand the questions that are being asked of you and write to answer those questions. Sure, getting the clicks is good, but having someone click through and actually gain some knowledge afterward is better.

3. Blogging Is Just A Starting Point

Blogs are great. You can write, and include links and pictures. Blogs are their own perfect little worlds but that doesn’t mean you can rely on them completely to get your messages out into the world. At some point, you have to go beyond the blog and start exploring the internet and social media for other avenues and places to put your content.

Don’t limit yourself to blogs when you can have videos and infographics on Instagram. Or a quick poll or relevant joke on Twitter. Thinking outside the blog is going to help you target broader audiences and make your campaign more successful. Don’t give up on blogs completely, just diversify what you’re doing to include other options.

4. Understand The Placement

Once you have spread your wings and you’re trying new places to post, you need to keep your content specific to where it is going to be posted. There is nothing worse than an Instagram post where the caption continues into the comments. When that happens, it is clear that it shouldn’t be on Instagram, it should be a blog or a Facebook post.

In order to successfully curate content, you need to have an understanding of how to best use all the social media platforms to work for you. Do you know how to format a blog to optimize it for being read on a cell phone? Each and every word you write should be focused on your target audience where they’re at. So keep it simple for socials and go more in-depth for blogs. Thing

5. Keep It Simple

You really don’t need extra embellishments in your posts, no one wants to read multiple paragraphs when you can get your point across in a single sentence. Brevity is a good thing, customers may not even realize it but they will respect that you didn’t waste their time. Not to mention that by keeping it simple, your job just got easier since you don’t need to overdo it.

6. Keep Track of Your Results

Keep Track of Your Results - content marketing

The absolute best part about internet marketing is that there is realtime web analytics available so that you can understand how your posts are performing over time and which pieces of the puzzle seem to be gaining the most traction. If it turns out one option is out-performing another, you’re obviously going to focus more effort there as you keep going.

Why would you want to waste your time and money on things that aren’t working? Watching your statistics for the growth you want can let you know where to spend your time and focus. Plus, it’s just fun to see your numbers going up and seeing how audiences are reacting.

7. Follow the Feedback

There are internet trolls, people who start arguments on purpose, no matter where you go. For the most part, as you navigate the negativity on the internet it can be really discouraging, but how you can handle the negative feedback will demonstrate to the public your character.

Try not to engage with trolls but if genuine comments and reviews come in that are of concern, you need to be able to respectively understand the situation and change what you’re doing. If your feedback is positive that’s great! But you still need to be prepared to make some changes to keep improving to avoid stagnancy.

8. Take It Seriously

Don’t make the mistake to undervalue your content. If you see it as a means to an end it can be really complicated to feel invested in the creation process and your content will suffer and will set off a chain reaction of everything slipping. If you aren’t able to see the content as just as important as your actual business or product then that’s when you should get outside help!

Creating awesome content is a sound marketing practice and will benefit your company so don’t skimp on its creation and give it less than it deserves. If you don’t take it seriously how can you expect others to?

9. Keep Your Brand Foremost

Don’t let what other companies are doing let you stray from your brand identity. Obviously this is specific to your business and strategy, but if you bounce all over the place your audience isn’t going to know how to react. If you are committed to using the same color scheme and fonts so that your messages look cohesive, you are going to have better content.

Your brand identity is how people will recognize you and what you’re about, so consider your content to be an investment that furthers your brand and can help you achieve your goals. Identify your tone of voice and have it be complimentary with your business in real life. Consistency is absolutely key!


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With so many consumers using the internet to look for solutions to their problems and to discover new brands by creating digital content you are already riding the wave of success, but by following these tips you can help make your company really stand out among the crowd. Let your content marketing do the work for you and have it be strong from the get-go!