7 things all businesses must consider to attract Gen Z talent

Gen Z employees have rapidly become the most attractive group of entrants to the labour market. Many businesses want to attract this demographic but they’re not sure how to entice them or keep them.

Keep reading for 7 things you should consider if you’re trying to attract Gen Z talent.

1. Understand the expectations of Gen Zers

One you know and understand what they need and want, you’ll be able to deliver what they want. The Global Trends 2020 Report by LinkedIn showed that Gen Z consider the following three things when considering a new job:

  • An inspirational culture
  • An interest in employee training
  • A company with a powerful mission.

2. Ensure they have a purpose at work

Gen Z wants to be employed somewhere that gives them a meaningful purpose. Instead of looking for new technologies, they actually just want an employer who will give them a sense of purpose and let them know that what they’re doing matters.

3. Fast career progression

Gen Z workers are more likely to quit if they don’t see that they’re progressing as quickly as they’d like to be. Life is generally very fast paced for Gen Zers in general, so when they feel that they’re stuck in positions that don’t truly reflect what they’re capable of or passionate about.

4. Competitive salaries and benefits

Offering workers employee rewards and competitive salaries is a certain way to attract Gen Z talent. Take a look at what your competitors are offering in terms of salary and rewards and aim to meet and exceed what others are offering. Transportation allowance and healthcare insurance are some of the most common and most expected benefits.

Some of the immediate concerns that Gen Zers have are likely to differ from those of older employees. Student loan assistance is one of the things they are mostly concerned about.

5. Use social media sensibly

Although there’s a lot of talk about how this generation embraces social media, it’s important to remember not to go overboard. Research shows that Gen Z is more sensitive about their personal information than other generations, so make sure you use your social media campaigns in small ways rather than using things like direct messaging in excess.

6. Be creative with technology

There’s no denying that Gen Z is the generation when it comes to technology. In order to attract them, make sure you demonstrate that your business knows how to make use of the newest technology in new and creative ways that will allow them to use their existing skills.

7. Ensure a good work-life balance

Businesses that promote a proper work-life balance is something that Gen Zers appreciate. Encouraging employees to have healthy boundaries when it comes to work is essential. You can help to support them in this by offering wellness programs and reminding them to take their holidays.

Final thoughts

As the newest generation to enter the workforce, it can really pay to attract and retain fresh, young talent like Gen Z. However, you look at it, Gen Zers aren’t that different from any other employees you want to attract. Remind them they’re capable, valued, and important and you can’t go wrong.